transfiguration #309 reflections of light on the water mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Plume by Teresa Winter on Proserpine (Night School)
  2. Ceiba by ALUNA & Iyakuh on Ceiba - Single (Resueño)
  3. Siwa (feat. Steffen Ki) by Iyakuh on Wakama (Resueño)
  4. End of the Road by Spirituals on Innards (Southern Cult)
  5. Nukahtamislaulu by Lau Nau on Aphrilis (Fonal Records)
  6. Intimate Immensity (Remix) by Tomaga on Intimate Immensity / A Call from the Eaves - Single (Free Youth Orchestra)
  7. Diversity by Daisuke Tanabe & Yosi Horikawa on A TROUT IN THE MILK Original Motion Picture SoundTrack (THE LIGHT SOURCE)
  8. Grandma's Universe (feat. Clara Valente) by Troels Hammer on Grandma's Universe (feat. Clara Valente) - Single (Music For Dreams)
  9. Wata Dhärranhayŋu by Hand To Earth on Mokuy (Room40)
  10. Exhale by TENGGER on EARTHING (self released)
  11. Euphoric Recall by Duffy x Uhlmann on Doubles (Orindal Records)
  12. Morning Mare (feat. Bing & Ruth) by Steve Gunn & David Moore on Let the Moon Be a Planet (feat. Bing & Ruth) (RVNG Intl.)
  13. Wide Ranging Rider I by Golden Brown on Wide Ranging Rider (inner islands)
  14. The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored by Hayden Pedigo on The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored (Mexican Summer)
  15. Dark River by David Horridge on Journey Within (Smiling C)
  16. All the While by Helios on Espera (Ghostly International)
  17. Spectral Fields III by Spectral Fields on Spectral Fields III (JUNGLE GYM RECORDS)