1. Katie Cruel by Ora Cogan on Formless (Prism Tongue)
  2. You & Me & The Moon by Advance Base on Animal Companionship (Run For Cover)
  3. Call Out by Claire Cronin on Big Dread Moon (Orindal)
  4. sorry by dog eyes on good, proper send off (Good Boy)
  5. Half True Story by Kevin Carducci on Half True Story (Lowstar Rodeo)
  6. Lost Control by Dog Party on Lost Control (Asian Man Records)
  7. West Coast by Joshua James Jackson on Livin' the Dream (self)
  8. Afraid to fall by John Courage on Afraid to Fall (John Courage)
  9. Endless Jetty Night by Non Plus Temps on Desire Choir (Post Present Medium)
  10. Lost Weekend by Foreign and Domestic on Your Mountain vs My Iceberg (Foreign and Domestic)
  11. Friend To All by Grace Sings Sludge on Christ Mocked & the End of a Relationship (Empty Cellar)
  12. Up to your Waste by Shatter Pattern on Algorithmic Art Assembly v1.0 (Highpoint Lowlife)
  13. Summertime by Agouti on Summertime (667896 Records DK)
  14. Bid For Power by Cave Clove on Cave Clove (Self Release)
  15. Grizzly Peak by FREQz on Grizzly Peak (FREQz)
  16. You Never Let Me Go by John Davis on My Hope Is Found In A God That Can Raise Up The Dead (High Bias)
  17. Ty 4 Being My Friend by Suver on Treatment Plan EP (self released)
  18. I-90 by Sour Widows on I-90 (Exploding In Sound)
  19. Double Bus by Living Hour, Peel Dream Magazine on Double Bus (Kanine)
  20. Plain Speak by Marnie Stern on The Comeback Kid (Joyful Noise)
  21. Pas De Trois by Ashra on Correlations (Virgin)
  22. Tonight She Comes by The Cars on The Cars: Definitive (Rhino)
  23. Words - Original Version 1983 by F.R. David on Words (Baierle Records)
  24. unknown by Yellow Magic Orchestra on YMO (Alfa Music, Inc.)
  25. Nomi Song (Vince Clarke Remix) by Klaus Nomi - Vince Clarke on Nomi Song (Vince Clarke Remix) (Spindizzy)
  26. Don't Stop The Music by Yarbrough & Peoples on The Two of Us (Mercury Records)