1. Feliz Navidad by El Vez on Merry MEX-mas (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  2. Christmas Funk by Chaki on Christmas Funk (Self-released)
  3. To Live & Die in San Leandro by The Mutilations on It Won't Take Long (Sausage King)
  4. Hex Pox Vex by Cult Strange on No Silence: Sounds of the Underground (Psychic Eye)
  5. Ondine by Octavian Winters on The Line Or Curve (Octavian Winters)
  6. New Normal by Ashes Fallen on Walk Through Fire (Ashes Fallen)
  7. Feelings by Clay on Hues (Clay)
  8. If You Love Me by Autumn Carroll on Badelle (Autumn Carroll)
  9. Only Gurl by Lady OFLO on Temporary (OFLO)
  10. High Class Motherfuckers by The Atom Age on The Atom Age (ASIAN MAN RECORDS)
  11. Out of My Head by Miranda & The Beat on Miranda & The Beat (Ernest Jenning)
  12. Barnacles by Dead Seagals on Dead Seagals (Dead Birds Float)
  13. Mama Fell Asleep by fpodbpod on The Girls (fpodbpod)
  14. Hand On Lunch (feat. Eric Drew Feldman, Sean Eden, Cyrus Ghahremani, Annie Shaw, Indianna Hale,... by Everyone Is Dirty on Hand On Lunch (Donut Time Audio)
  15. Midnight Ghost by The Ferocious Few on Juices (Birdman)
  16. Bottles of Bottles by Fake Your Own Death on Bad Gods (Fake Your Own Death)
  17. Can't Allow by Everything But The Everything, Tobias Hawkins on Can't Allow (Everything But The Everything)
  18. Life Sucker by LoFi Legs on Lamb (Paris Cox Farr)
  19. Easy Come Easy Go by Jared James Nichols on Jared James Nichols (Black Hill)
  20. Heather Leather by The Bites on Squeeze (Earache)
  21. No Relief by Thadeus Gonzalez on No Relief (Thadeus Gonzalez)
  22. Loud Ass Car by Wolves Of Glendale on Loud Ass Car (Bonktown)
  23. Alley Light by Squirrel Flower on Single (Polyvinyl)
  24. Buffalo by Goon on Hour of Green Evening (Demonde)
  25. White Collar Gold by Fime on Sweeter Memory (Forged Artifacts)
  26. Olive Says by The Ian Fays on Olive Says (WWNBB)
  27. Autumn Girl by High Horse on Escape From The Glue Factory (High Horse)
  28. marigold by frost children on hearth room (true panther)
  29. London Honda Nasty Taxi by Thoom on London Honda Nasty Taxi (B4)
  30. Don't Stop The Music by Yarbrough & Peoples on The Two of Us (Mercury Records)
  31. Down South by Museum of Love on Museum of Love (DFA)