003 - Eat Your Greens

Today's menu features locally grown stoner, psych, and doom metal (plus a few friends from far away). Tune in, vibe out.


  1. Night of the Devil by Beastmaker (Church Recordings)
  2. Eye of Phthonos by Pegzilla on Eye of Phthonos (4448630 Records)
  3. Featured Bloodstained by Serpents of Dawn on Into the Garden (Doom Stew Records) Local
  4. Double Barrel Shotgun by Connoisseur on Cross Faded (Tankcrimes) Local
  5. Lost Society I by Cold Blue Mountain on Lost Society Demo (Self-Released)
  6. Against the Wall of Forever by Monolith on Against the Wall of Forever (Funeral Noise Recordings)
  7. The Throne of Atahualpa by Supernaut on Souls Awaken (931999 Records)
  8. Corrosion Fields by Black Cobra on Invernal (Southern Lord Recordings) Local
  9. Featured Skull in the Woods by Castle on Deal Thy Fate (Ripple Music) Local
  10. Featured Narcoleptic Tides by Sludgebucket on Clownsoulpowertrip (Zzpot Records) Local
  11. Illegal Sludge by Sadhus, the Smoking Community on Illegal Sludge (Ouga Bouga and the Mighty Oug Records) New
  12. Chariot by DEATHCHANT on Thrones (RidingEasy Records)
  13. Hellfayre by Morass of Molasses on End of All We Know (Ripple Music)
  14. Featured Better Days by Hippie Death Cult on Helichrysum (Heavy Psych Sounds)
  15. Featured Stucco Nowhere by Disastroid (Heavy Psych Sounds) New Local
  16. Our Satanic Majesty by Psychedelic Witchcult on Dust to Dust/Our Satanic Majesty (5105143 Records)
  17. Psychlopean Dread by Behold! The Monolith on From the Fathomless Deep (Ripple Music)
  18. I Am Nothing, I Am Everything by Lord Dying on I Am Nothing, I Am Everything (MNRK Music)
  19. Devil's Gate by SLOTH on SLOTH (The Swamp Records)