The Sunday Screeches

About The Sunday Screeches

Join DJ B-Rated for a biweekly rager to chase away the Sunday scaries. Explore the deepest trenches of the metal underground - the gory, the bludgeoning, and the unexplainable - with headbanging Besties from across the Bay Area and around the world. Death metal, grindcore, doom, black metal, hardcore, prog, ????core, and more hit the airwaves for this heavy-hitting listening party.

Heavy Rotation

The Sunday Screeches plays Haunt, Botanist, Chrome Ghost, Laceration, Cartilage, Evulse, Parasitic

  • Sunday 2:00 – 4:00pm (bi-weekly)


  • Cold, crushing, yet cozy. Make a cup of tea and tune in for two hours of atmospheric black metal, post-metal, and doomgaze.

    120 mins

  • Hard-hitting death metal from the old school to the br00tal.

    120 mins

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  • An epic set of heavy metal, doom, and thrash metal to begin our 2024 quest!

    120 mins

  • An exhaustingly non-exhaustive list of my favorite 2023 releases. 

    120 mins

  • Today's menu features locally grown stoner, psych, and doom metal (plus a few friends from far away). Tune in, vibe out.

    120 mins

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