Madame de Sade

Domina DJ · she/her


Annie Rose Malamet is an internationally recognized lesbian vampire expert, freelance film writer, and perverted aesthete. She is the creator of the popular podcast Girls, Guts, & Giallo, where she examines controversial and subversive cinema through the lens of queer leather and sex work history and sensibilities. Vampire Dear is a radio show that combines these interests, playing gothic rock, soundtrack scores, and proto/post-punk. 


Recent Shows

Music from the films of Beth B.

Vampire Dear 60 mins

Songs from David Lynch films. RIP Angelo and Julee.

Vampire Dear 60 mins

This show is guest curated by Julie Ward. Songs featured in or inspired by the work of Richard Kern. Featuring work by frequent Kern collaborators Lydia Lunch…

Vampire Dear 60 mins

Part 3 of Black gothic artists. This series includes gothic rock, industrial, darkwave, shoegaze, alt etc.

Vampire Dear 60 mins