Madame de Sade

Domina DJ · she/her


Annie Rose Malamet is an internationally recognized lesbian vampire expert, freelance film writer, and perverted aesthete. She is the creator of the popular podcast Girls, Guts, & Giallo, where she examines controversial and subversive cinema through the lens of queer leather and sex work history and sensibilities. Vampire Dear is a radio show that combines these interests, playing gothic rock, soundtrack scores, and proto/post-punk. 


Recent Shows

An ambient tribute to mermaids.

Vampire Dear 60 mins

A tribute to the music featured in Kenneth Anger's experimental films.

Vampire Dear S1 E12 60 mins

Tonight's episode: all erotic thriller soundtracks all the time.

Vampire Dear S1 E11 60 mins

A tribute to the soundtracks of films from the New French Extremity movement. Tracks from Trouble Every Day, Raw, High Tension, Sombre, Romance , and more.

Vampire Dear 60 mins