010 - Into The Depths

A soundtrack for spring in SF 🌁 Cavernous death-doom, crushing sludge, and chilling dissodeath set the vibe for foggy mornings and gray evenings.


  1. Shrouded in Crystals by Civerous on Maze Envy (20 Buck Spin) New
  2. To Reclaim by Shadow Limb on Reclaim (Seeing Red Records) New
  3. Day of Disease by Caffa on Day of Disease/Mental Enslavement (Transylvanian Recordings) Local
  4. Inertia (Crashing Through the Doorways of Eternity) by Astral Tomb on Soulgazer (Blood Harvest Records)
  5. Death of Lurking Eyes by Bone Weapon on Thrive or Starve (Transylvanian Recordings)
  6. Ashyxcreation by Apparition on Disgraced Emanations From a Tranquil State (Profound Lore Records) New
  7. Featured VI by Miscarriage on Imminent Horror (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
  8. Featured Thou Hast Destroyed Thyself by Saevus Finis on Facilis Descensus Averno (Transcending Obscurity Records)
  9. Oil/Town by Class Traitor on Broken Energy Highway (Transylvanian Recordings)
  10. -4 C by Kvadrat on The Horrible Dissonance of Oblivion (Total Dissonance Worship) New
  11. Featured Primitive Flesh by Mother Morgue on Purgatory (Reality Fade Records)
  12. In the Arms of Armageddon by Warcrab on Damned in Endless Night (Transcending Obscurity Records)
  13. Storm of Fears by AGLO on Build Fear (Oblivious Maximus Records)
  14. Faint Engravings in Emblazoned Secretions by Trollcave on Rotted Remnants Dripping into the Void (Gurgling Gore)
  15. Tomb Fog by Ischemic on Condemned to the Breaking Wheel (Self-Released) New
  16. Featured To What End by Destroy Judas on Spring Equinox Compilation 2024 (Forest Summoner) New