009 - Children of the Core

They're coming for you.... an all-out assault of hardcore, mathcore, deathcore, deathgrind, and thrash.


  1. Featured Malicide by Molten on Malicide (Transylvanian Recordings) New Local
  2. A Machine in Your Name by Lipstick on The Wasteland We Left Behind (LBB Records) Local
  3. Live for Free by Deselect on Deselect (Transylvanian Recordings) Local
  4. Wasted Nights by Deselect on Deselect (Transylvanian Recordings) Local
  5. Sexual Selection by Surprise Privilege on Third Album 2 (1) (FYJFY) Local
  6. Donate to the Twisted Red Cross by AninoKo on AninoKo (Aklasan Records) Local
  7. Featured Shitegeist by Child (Suicide Records) New
  8. Featured Youngman II by Space Streakings on 7-Toku (SKiN GRAFT Records)
  9. God Whisperer by Shaving the Werewolf on God Whisperer (AntiRock Records) New
  10. Featured Mutant Love by Asada Messiah on Steel Coffin (Self-Released) Local
  11. Cut-Throat by Mastiff on Deprecipice (MNRK Music) New
  12. Iréne Jacob by Malevich (Roman Numeral Records/Total Dissonance Worship) New
  13. Until They Crawl by Crawl (Transcending Obscurity Records) New
  14. Quarantine by Spread the Disease on We Bleed From Many Wounds (Hypaethral Records)
  15. Biblical Loophole by Deaf Club feat. HIRS Collective on Deaf Club feat. HIRS Collective (Three One G Records) New
  16. Kryptonite Renegade by Weston Super Maim on See You Tomorrow Baby (Diamond Butter Music) New
  17. In the Grey by Omnigone on AGAINST THE REST (Bad Times Records) Local
  18. Endless Despondence by Organ Dealer on The Weight of Being (Everlasting Spew Records)
  19. Make Room by Organ Dealer on The Weight of Being (Everlasting Spew Records)
  20. Pain Absorption Threshold by Shock Withdrawal on The Dismal Advance (Brutal Panda Records) New
  21. Featured Can I Be Aborted Even Though I'm 29? by The Sound That Ends Creation on Memes, Dreams, and Flying Machines (Dark Trail Records)
  22. Tomorrow's Not Here by Kill the Con Man on Militant Minority (Self-Released)
  23. SYNTHETIC by S.U.R.G.E. on State of Complete Emptiness (Transylvanian Recordings)
  24. Walk in Soul by EGREGORE on Synchronistic Delusions (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
  25. From Maggots to Fly by Augurs on Split w/ deathgraVe (Sentient Ruin Laboratories) Local
  26. We All Bleed Red by Carnal Decay on When Push Comes to Shove (Self-Released)
  27. Innards of Divinity by Acephalix on Theothanatology (20 Buck Spin) Local
  28. Family Jams by The Love & Terror Cult on We Are You on Fire (Heathen Hand Records)
  29. Gangrene by Kanine on Karnage (Lacerated Enemy Records)
  30. Inexorable Enslavement (feat. Lucca Schmerler of Mental Cruelty) by Gamma Sector on Nex Omne (Vicious Instinct Records)
  31. Monarch by Mankind Grief on Monarch (Lacerated Enemy Records)
  32. Trolls by Defect Designer on Neanderthal (Transcending Obscurity Records)
  33. Featured A Perpetual State of Destruction by Rottenness on Violentopia (Selfmadegod)
  34. Svadhistana by Mæntra on Kundalini Rising (Self-Released) Local