december highlights


  1. astigmatic by Quedronol on Fioritura (socializing) New
  2. Nothing but yourself here by Infinity Frequencies on Hologram Person (self-released) New
  3. Country Cathedral Drive by Harp on Albion (Bella Union) New
  4. The Beat Divine by Alison Goldfrapp on The Love Reinvention (BMG) New
  5. these walls are my arms by Phixel on IN DUST AND ROT (LIPGLOSSPARTY) New
  6. Grifter by Buice on One Day You'll See The Sun (Familiar Face) New
  7. Stage3~broken radio by sea breeze by yuigot on Guidebook (self-released) New
  8. Shōnen by Fujin on Kofū III (KITCHEN. LABEL) New
  9. (removed) by Haunted Disco on The hidden anxieties of imprecise lines (self-released) New
  10. the orbitoclast by mars kumari on I Thought I Lost You (Bruiser Brigade) New
  11. Fragmentos by Christina Rosenvinge on Los versos sáficos (Primavera Labels) New
  12. VAPOR by Mariana Cavanellas (ft. Luiz Brazil) on DNA (self-released) New
  13. Lost Everything by Thy Slaughter, A. G. Cook, EASYFUN on Soft Rock (PC Music) New
  14. In the Footsteps of Hermes by John Zorn on PARRHESIASTES (Tzadik) New