New Years Eve Eve (Ep.38)

Its a gosh dang party y'alllll


  1. This Will Be Our Year by The Zombies on Odessey and Oracle (Columbia Records)
  2. The End by The Doors on The Doors (Rhino)
  3. Body Control by Dam Swindle on Keep on Swindling (Heist Records)
  4. On and On by Jesse Saunders on 20th Anniversary of House Music (JS)
  5. Move by John Rocca on Extra Extra (John Rocca)
  6. You're The One For Me (Reprize) by D-Train on You're the one for me (Prelude)
  7. Break
  8. Feels Good by Electra on Star Funk Vol. 9 (Electra)
  9. Al Naafiysh (It's Time) by Hashim on The House of Cutting (Cutting)
  10. Behind The Mask by Yellow Magic Orchestra on Solid State Survivor (Alfa)
  11. transformer man by neil young on trans (Geffen Records)
  12. Electro Man by Calvin Harris on I Created Disco (Sony)
  13. Riot in Lagos by Ryuichi Sakamoto on B-2 Unit (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
  14. Movin It by Patrice Scott on Powder Fresh (Patrice Scott)
  15. Frequency of Sand by Anubian Lights on Let not the Flame Die Out (Anubian Nights)
  16. New Year's Eve by The Walkmen on Bows + Arrows (Self Released)