Sounds In The Dark - 1.23.2024

Tonight's edition features a review of the best releases from 2023!


  1. DEPRIVED OF THE ONLY GIFT OF LIFE: by Joshua on 21 (FIL[E]) New
  2. Recently by Jogging House on Luften (Jogging House)
  3. Circle 39 by Foam and Sand on Foam and Sand (Nettwerk Music Group)
  4. Diagram Of The Universe by Imaginary Softwoods on The Notional Pastures of Imaginary Softwoods (Field Records)
  5. The Invention of Birds by Neil Cowley on Fragmented Recall (Mote)
  6. The Boat by Hania Rani on Don't Break My Heart (Gondwana Records)
  7. Alone Into The Crowd by David Cordero + Rhucle on Summer Chronicles (Home Normal)
  8. A Silent Death by David Cordero + Carlos Ferreira on Silent Articulations (Aural Canyon)
  9. Ebb Tide by anthene + David Cordero on Lost Under the Sea (Home Normal)
  10. Si'umim (feat. Rhucle) by David Cordero on Recurrent Processes (David Cordero)
  11. Kings Highway by Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band on Kings Highway (Stoner Hill)
  12. Galahad by Penguin Cafe on Rain Before Seven... (Erased Tapes)
  13. Vibration Consensus Reality (for Spectral Multiband Resonator) by Eluvium on (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality (Temporary Residence)
  14. Throwing Shapes by Gregg Kowalski on Eso Es (Mexican Summer)
  15. Kottbusser Tor by Billow Observatory on Calque (felte)