Key Party 011


  1. youtube & bbq chips [Explicit] by Jacob Sartorius on Youtube and BBQ Chips (self)
  2. Dope Dick Dealer by LSDXOXO on Qweendom (Qween Beat)
  3. Raphael by CocoRosie on The Adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn (Touch and Go)
  4. 趁人之危 (Take Advantage) by Tzusing on 绿帽 Green Hat (PAN)
  5. Kepko by Sega Bodega (NUXXE)
  6. Don't Cry Tonight by Savage on Single (Robyx)
  7. Addicted to Love by Sonic Youth on The Whitey Album (Enigma)
  8. Fuck You Til I'm Dead by Family Fodder on Monkey Banana Kitchen (Staubgold)
  9. You're Somethin' Special To Me by The Shaggs on Shaggs' Own Thing (Rounder)
  10. Tool For You by Dorian Electra on Flamboyant (Self-Released)
  11. Pull by Spooky Black on Leaving (self)
  12. Leanworld by Yung Lean on Unknown Memory (YEAR0001)
  13. Alarm by Against All Logic on 2012 - 2017 (Other People)
  14. Arcadian Boys by Cleaners From Venus on My Back Wages (Parlaphone)
  15. A Raincoat's Room by Swell Maps on Jane from Occupied Europe (Rough Trade)
  16. Martian Man by Essential Logic on Fanfare in the Garden (Hiss and Shake Records)
  17. Not Allowed by Suburban Lawns on Suburban Lawns (Capitol)
  18. Blow by Valuemart on Blow (self) Local
  19. 133 by Borghesia on No Hope No Fear (Dark Entries Records) Local
  20. Black Silk Stocking by Chrisma on Chinese-Restaurant (Phillips)
  21. Insomniac by Memoboy Feat Chakra Efendi on Songs and Demos 2015-2017 (Dinosaur City Records)
  22. Idiot by Blackouts on History in Reverse (K)
  23. Sittin' Too Long by The Rock-Afire Explosion on Sittin' Too Long (self)
  24. First Punk Wars by Iron Curtain on Desertion 1982-1988 (Cobraside)
  25. Frosty Nights by Moral on Whispering Sons (self)