Inspired by the "HOUR of POWER" show  at 4 ⭐ Theatre, I'm highlighting local bands and shows that I'm excited about this upcoming month.

If you dig these tunes, you may also check out Brianna's show calendar for updated show happenings in SF


  1. Engine Driver Song by The Kitchenettes on Mummy, Mummy Please Look At Me: A Tribute to the Television Personalities (Dandy Boy) Local Info
  2. bella's dream by Mister Baby on mister baby ep (Mister Baby) Local
  3. Heaven's Blade by Toner on Silk Road (Smoking Room)

    Local Toner and Choir Boy @ The Rickshaw Stop, Friday January 12, 2024

  4. Complainer by Choir Boy on Gathering Swans (℗ 2020 Dais Records)
  5. Brighter by April Magazine on Wesley's Convertible (April Magazine) Local
  6. Glass Jaw by Chokecherry on Glass Jaw (chokecherry) Local
  7. Mono Retriever by Dummy on Mono Retriever (Sub Pop)
  8. Old Skin by Fake Fruit on Fake Fruit (Rocks in Your Head) Local
  9. altar by figure eight on you cry for eternity (Not On Label) Local
  10. No Surprise by Hook-Ups on Fox and the Hound (Hook-Ups) Local
  11. Drought by Pocket Full of Crumbs on Pocket Full of Crumbs (Self-Released) Local
  12. In A Second by Mint on Interim (Edgar) Local
  13. Pinwheel by The Moondrops on Timelapse (Neon Bloodbath) Local
  14. Folding Socks by Meat Market on Sunset Overdrive Original Soundtrack (self-released) Local
  15. hello rain by the softies on It’s Love (K Records)
  16. Featured Echoes by The Umbrellas on Fairweather Friend (Slumberland Records, Inc) Local
  17. No Scrubs by TLC on Fanmail (LaFace Records, LLC)

    This one goes out to Brother Jill / Die Alone Radio