Down A Different River w/@Jon.Digital - Episode 02 01/13/24

Tasty oscillations. Wear headphones.


  1. Scrabble by Medline on Solstice (Orlando Diaz Corvalan)
  2. Plight by Total Refreshment Centre & Resavoir on Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre (UMG Recordings)
  3. Au Fleuve by Charlène Darling on La Porte (Disciples)
  4. Machine 2 by Onipa on Off the Grid (Real World Records)
  5. in a photo by abracadabra on shapes & colors (Melodic)
  6. Overpass by Cousin on HomeSoon (Mood Hut)
  7. Abstraction by c0g (c0g) New
  8. When U Land by moondiver on When U Land (moonbeats)
  9. Phlox by Emma Rawicz on Chroma (ACT Music+Vision)
  10. Break
  11. Realisations by Ashley Henry on Beautiful Vinyl Hunter (Sony)
  12. Break
  13. OXI Ambigan by Yushh on Siro Silo EP (Well Street Records)
  14. Mantra by Coco Bryce on The Planets: Neptune (Rupture LDN)
  15. Dawn of Delphi by JJ Whitefield on Puzzled (Broc Recordz)
  16. The Punch! by SPARKLE DIVISION on Foxy (Temporary Residence)
  17. Crash Bash Party at BUFO's by Delay Grounds & Wordcolour on Crash Bash Party at BUFO's (Pressure Dome)
  18. Bbent by Piezo on Cyclic Wavez EP (Nervous Horizon)