Down A Different River w/@Jon.Digital - Episode 03 01/20/24

A sonic care package. Wear headphones.


  1. Music or Noise? by Matmos on Return to Archive (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) New Local
  2. Dance Music II (feat. S.C. Sharma) by National Institute of Design on The NID Tapes: Electronic Music from India 1969-1972 (Strange Attractor Press)
  3. Jin Dou Yun by Polygonia (Midgar)
  4. Kosmische Conga by Space Dimension Controller (Running Back) New
  5. Desert Locusts Plagues by Susie Ibarra, Jeffrey Zeigler, Graham Reynolds & Golden Hornet on INSECTUM (Golden Hornet) New
  6. Cymbal Rush by Thom Yorke on The Eraser (XL Recordings)
  7. Plumbers Unite! by Foyer Red on Yarn the Hours Away (Carpark Records)
  8. Freedom Jazz Dance by Harold McKinney on Voices and Rhythms of the Creative Profile (Tribe Records)
  9. Cosmic Forces by Roman Norfleet & Be Present Art Group on Roman Norfleet and Be Present Art Group (Mississippi Records)
  10. phoenix (feat. Hadiya George) by Jitwam on Third (Roya)
  11. An Ear To The Chest by Lewsberg on Out And About (Lewsberg Records)
  12. Witch Museum by Landowner on Escape the Compound (Born Yesterday Records)
  13. Echo Flats by Cousin on A Message from Q (2068500 Records DK)
  14. A Low Frequency Nightmare (feat. Ben LaMar Gay, Bitchin Bajas & Marvin Tate) by Mike Reed on The Separatist Party (feat. Bitchin Bajas, Ben LaMar Gay & Marvin Tate) (We Jazz)
  15. Play Sleep by Stanton Davis' Ghetto/Mysticism on Brighter Days (Cultures of Soul Records)
  16. Cicada by Radian on Distorted Rooms (Thrill Jockey)
  17. Orion's Belt I Think by DJ Chrysalis on Gather Thistles, Expect Prickles (KANN)
  18. Mayday by corto.alto on Not for Now (Worm Discs)