005 - Riding In2 B4ttle

An epic set of heavy metal, doom, and thrash metal to begin our 2024 quest!


  1. Mutating Fractures by Terminalist on The Crisis As Condition (Indisciplinarian)
  2. Up With The Sword by PowerTribe on Up With The Sword (Self-Released) New
  3. Everlong by Voices of Ruin on Path to Immortality (M-Theory Audio)
  4. Anguish by Fortress on Don't Spare the Wicked (High Roller Records)
  5. Featured Swamp Monster by Carthus on Images of Tyranny (Self-Released)
  6. Roar of the Skies by Warscythe on Elemental Fusion (Self-Released) Local
  7. Creator and Destroyer by Premature Burial on Antihuman (Selfmadegod Records)
  8. Practitioners of Power by Spirit Possession on Of the Sign... (Profound Lore)
  9. Featured Into the Nightmare by Shadows on Out for Blood (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
  10. Drink of the Blade by Dark Meditation on Polluted Temples (Satanik Royalty Records)
  11. Wheels of Twilight by Dusk on Wheels of Twilight (Argonauta Records)
  12. Featured Fortune and Glory by Mega Colossus on Fortune and Glory (Cruz del Sur Music)
  13. Tempest by Glacier Eater on Tempest (Glacier Recordings) Local
  14. Gladiator by Battlemace on The Battle Rages On (Self-Released) Local
  15. Black Swordsman by Knight & Gallow on For Honor and Bloodshed (No Remorse Records)
  16. Archduke of Fear by Hands of Goro (Self-Released) New Local
  17. Featured Spellforger by Smoulder on Violent Creed of Vengeance (Cruz del Sur Music)
  18. Silver Tower by WarTroll on Frozen Hordes (Self-Released) Local
  19. Featured Death's Embrace by Heavy Metal Shrapnel on First Fragment vs Heavy Metal Shrapnel (Nameless Grave Records) Local
  20. Chimera by Haunt on Golden Arm (Iron Grip)
  21. Featured Are You Afraid of Dragons? by VHS on Quest for the Mighty Riff (735862 Records)
  22. Featured Morbid Fascination by Hallucinator on Primeval Power (Transylvanian Recordings) Local