(post) punk


  1. Reactor by Current Affairs on Off the Tongue (Tough Love)
  2. Relics by Patio on Collection (Fire Talk)
  3. This Bum's Paid by Out Hud on Street Dad (kranky) Local
  4. Cathedral by SPRINTS on Letter to Self (City Slang) New
  5. Perfect Client by Cable Ties on All Her Plans (Merge)
  6. Blackout by rocky on rocky (Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club)
  7. The Last Day by Dif Juz on Extractions (4AD)
  8. Eraser by Sweeping Promises on Good Living Is Coming For You (Feel It)
  9. Do The Work by KNOWSO on Pulsating Gore (Sorry State) New
  10. Roma Distruta by Nagamatzu on Sacred Islands of the Mad (Dark Entries)
  11. Where Did You Go? by Nicole Sabouné on Kismet (Smuggler)
  12. Ghost love by Lila Ehjä on Clivota (Croux) New
  13. Strange Neighbour by Folly Group on Down There! (So Young) New
  14. Intra Apogeum by Belgrado on Intra Apogeum (La Vida Es un Mus)
  15. CCTV by Display Homes on What If You're Right & They're Wrong? (Erste Theke Tonträger)
  16. don't like u by abracadabra on shapes & colors (Melodic) Local
  17. Vegas El Bandito by 23 Skidoo on Seven Songs (Fetish)
  18. www by Culk on Generation Maximum (Siluh)
  19. Garden by Fotbal on Why Is This Happening To You? (Korobushka)