january highlights


  1. Poppy by yungatita on Shoelace & A Knot (self-released) New
  2. Introducción by Acasia on Acasia (Hiss Trackts) New
  3. Featured coelacanth by glass beach on plastic death (Run For Cover) New
  4. Friend Of A Friend by The Smile on Wall Of Eyes (XL) New
  5. She's Tired! by Secret Secret on She's Tired! (Secret Secret) New Local
  6. Echoes by The Umbrellas on Fairweather Friend (Slumberland) New Local
  7. Adore Adore Adore by SPRINTS on Letter to Self (City Slang) New
  8. Low Fantasy by Gumshoes on Cacophony (self-released) New
  9. The Lonely House by Marika Hackman on Big Sigh (Chrysalis) New
  10. Finding Mirrors by Nailah Hunter on Lovegaze (Fat Possum) New
  11. Nos Da by Bill Ryder-Jones on Iechyd Da (Domino) New
  12. Of Devotion by Still Ruins on S/T (Smoking Room) New Local
  13. Gossamer by gyrofield on A Faint Glow of Bravery (Metalheadz) New
  14. See It Too by Marbled Eye on See It Too (Summer Shade) New Local
  15. Nuthin' Like That by Buzzed Lightbeer on Nuthin' Like That (self-released) New Local
  16. Needlessly Wild by Sleater-Kinney on Little Rope (Loma Vista) New
  17. Big Ground by Folly Group on Down There! (So Young) New
  18. Ascending to Matsu's Height by Yin Yin on Mount Matsu (Glitterbeat) New
  19. Unscrolling by Mary Halvorson on Cloudward (Nonesuch) New