Sounds In The Dark - 1.24.23


  1. Beneath Waves by Robot Koch, Muriel Bostdorp (Trees and Cyborgs) New
  2. inflorescence by Ian Hawgood, Wil Bolton on floral forms and subsequent interactions (Home Normal) New
  3. Shelby Drift by Abstract Aprils (Abstract Aprils) New
  4. First of Spring by Steve Gunn, Mike Gangloff on Melodies for a Savage Fix (Important)
  5. Conduit by Billow Observatory on Soliton (felte) New
  6. Forrest City by Daniel Lanois on Flesh and Machine (Red Floor Records)
  7. Evening Star by Robert Fripp, Brian Eno on Evening Star (Opal Ltd.)
  8. Neustadt by Sarah Davachi on Selected Works II (Disciples / Late Music)
  9. Portrait by James McAlister on Scissortail (37d03d)
  10. GEMS I.VII by Celer on GEMS I (Room40) New
  11. Sunyata by Little North on Wide Open (April Records)
  12. Temperature Drop+ by Marconi Union on Tokyo+ (Marconi Union)
  13. Ouroboros by Bill Laswell on Means of Deliverance (Innerhythmic)
  14. mi - live by Sylvain Chauveau (Sonic Pieces) New
  15. Eurybia by Francesca Heart on Eurybia (Leaving Records)