EP 43: White Girl Mob

If you didn't love Kreayshawn in 2011- don't fucking talk to me. On this episode, we celebrate the bangers of the "White Girl Mob"- Kreayshawn, Lil' Debbie, and V Nasty- all three hailing from various parts of the Bay Area.


  1. White Girl (feat. Bun B, Pimp C of UGK & Juelz Santana) by E-40 on My Ghetto Report Card (Warner)
  2. Bumpin Bumpin by Kreayshawn on Bumpin Bumpin (Columbia)
  3. Go Hard (La.La.La) by Kreayshawn on Somethin 'Bout Kreay (Columbia)
  4. Left Ey3 (Album Version) by Kreayshawn on Somethin 'Bout Kreay (Columbia)
  5. Bake A Cake by Lil Debbie on Queen D (Lil Debbie Records)
  6. Ratchets by Lil Debbie on Queen D (Lil Debbie Records)
  7. Bitches by Lil Debbie on Queen D (Lil Debbie Records)
  8. 2 Cups by Lil Debbie on 2 Cups (Lil Debbie)
  9. On the Hood by V-Nasty on On the Hood (Flip Phone)
  10. Whip Appeal (feat. P2theLA) by Gucci Mane, V-Nasty, P2thela on BAYTL (Warner)
  11. I.D.K.Y. by V-Nasty on Bitch's It's Nasty (Flip Phone)
  12. White Girl Mob (feat. Mistah FAB & Moses Music) by AC on White Girl Mob (Slappin' In The Trunk)
  13. On Mamas (feat. Da$h) by LNDN DRGS, Left Brain & Jay Worthy on Brain on DRGS (GDF)
  14. Like a Martian by Lil B on Everything Based (Basedworld)
  15. Lil' Mama I'm Sorry by Riff Raff on The Golden ALiEN (Riff Raff)
  16. Dolce & Gabbana by Riff Raff on Dolce & Gabbana (Mad Decent)
  17. When I'm Clownin (Kuma's Clownin Remix ft. Kreayshawn) by Insane Clown Posse on The Mighty Death Pop (Psychopathic)
  18. Miserlou by The Trashmen on Surfin' Bird (Sundazed Music)
  19. Hey Roxy by The Bobbyteens on Back in the Saddle (Burger)
  20. Baby Doll by The Bobbyteens on Today's Top Girl Groups, Vol. 1 (Spinout)