WED SEPT 30 2015


  1. Alle Auf Pause by Couch on unk (unk)
  2. In The House of Wolves by This Patch of Sky on s/t (self)
  3. Memorial by Russian Circles on Memorial (Sargent House)
  4. Wolf Out by The Bad Plus on Made Possible (unk)
  5. How To Be A Werewolf by Mogwai on Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Sub Pop Records)
  6. S.O.I by cetow on Fecking Bahamas (unk)
  7. Bond by LITE on Installation (Topshelf)
  8. Ake-Vono by Networks on Fecking Bahamas (unk)
  9. Destroyer by Carnival on Fecking Bahamas (unk)
  10. Chapter Square by Low-Pass on unk (unk)
  11. Orbit by Clean of Core on unk (unk)
  12. Pure As Snow by Mono on Hymn to the Immortal Wind (unk)
  13. Wind by Jizue on Shiori (Bud Music)
  14. Clinamen by Mouse On The Keys on Machinic Phylum (unk)
  15. Goodbye by Toe on For Long Tomorrow (Machupicchu Industrias)
  16. Reitschule by Do Make Say Think on & Yet & Yet (unk)
  17. Sleepyhead Symphony by Clever Girl on No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room (unk)
  18. TNT by Tortoise on TNT (Thrill Jokey)
  19. Journey to the Plains by *shels on Plains of the Purple Buffalo (unk)
  20. Theory of North by Eric Pietras on Beams (Eric Pietras)