Maniac Mansion Best of 2023 Part 4


  1. Phantom Board by Monster Wave on Pazuzu Luau (self-released)
  2. Stunner by Killer Kin on Killer Kin (Deadbeat)
  3. Misery by Gentilesky on Ways of Seeing (HoZac)
  4. Anymore by Francie Moon on Anymore (Half Shelf)
  5. Chevy Malibu by Operants on Chevy Malibu (Defectibe Tapes)
  6. I Don't Know by The Unknowns on East Coast Low (Bargain Bin)
  7. I Walk Away by Dion Lunadon on Systems Edge (In the Red)
  8. Manic Attraction by Guardian Singles on Feed Me to the Doves (Trouble in Mind)
  9. 6 Floors Up by Red Herrings on Zax Armoire (Dot Dash)
  10. I Don't Read by Bad Weed on II (Siluh)
  11. What Went Wrong by Cherry Cheeks on Second LP (Total Punk)
  12. Order Imposing Sentence by The Serfs on Half Eaten By Dogs (Trouble in Mind)
  13. Hoax by Deathchant on Thrones (RidingEasy)
  14. Rubble by Retail Simps on Rubble (Goodbye Boozy)
  15. Hourglass by CIVIC on Hourglass (Cooking Vinyl)