Maniac Mansion Valentine's Day Special 2024


  1. Die Alone Radio by The Catholic Spit on A Pact with the Devil (Bad Touch)
  2. Sugarcube by Yo La Tengo on I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One (Matador)
  3. I Wanna Be With You by The Spits on The Spits (In the Red)
  4. For Ex-Lovers Only by Black Tambourine on Black Tambourine (Slumberland)
  5. Moon is in the Wrong Place by Shannon and the Clams (Easy Eye)
  6. The Boyfriends - I Don t Want Nobody (I Want You) by The Boyfriends (Bomp)
  7. Blame it on Gravity by Lost Sounds on Yowl (Detente)
  8. Dead Man Can't Catcall by Lizzie Boredom on Dead Man Can't Catcall (punkrawk)