1. Unbreakable by Severed Heads on Clean (Dark Entries)
  2. Dance the Mutation by Simply Saucer on Cyborgs Revisited (Sonic Unyon)
  3. Thrift by Vibracathedral Orchestra on Vibracathedral Orchestra (VHF)
  4. Shaher by Aurat on Image (s/r)
  5. Dark-Disco-Da-Da-Da-Da-Run by Perfect Mother on The Bedroom Tapes: A Collection of Minimal Wave From Around The World 1980-1991 (Minimal Wave)
  6. Hell Voice by Cemento on Weaponry (s/r)
  7. Feels Like I'm Slipping Away by Spectrum on Forever Alien (Space Age)
  8. See Your Door by Circa Tapes on Love and Venom (Medical Records)
  9. On Balance by Zos Kia/Coil on Transparent (Cold Spring)
  10. Totem of Skulls by Dragged Into Sunlight on Hatred For Mankind (Volcanic Birth)
  11. It's Raining by Kim Jung Mi on Now (Lion)
  12. Freedom From Fear by Robert Turman on Way Down (s/r)
  13. Hunting Knife by Crime of Passing on Crime of Passing (Feel It)
  14. Signal (Golden Living Room Remix) by Luxury Elite on World Class (Crash Symbols)
  15. Yang Yang by Anika on Anika (Stones Throw)
  16. Back in Those Days by Doric on Over Mentality (Efstathios Leontiadis)
  17. Zaybanakoy by Mamman Sani on Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984 (Sahel Sounds)
  18. No Time To Cry by The Sisters of Mercy on First And Last And Always (Elektra)
  19. The Drowning (feat. R. Williams) by Christian Death on Catastrophe Ballet (Knife Fight)
  20. Special World by Jeff & Jane Hudson on Flesh (Dark Entries)
  21. Nevermore by Schleimer K on Schleimer K (Glass Modern)
  22. El Circulo De La Infancia by Diseño Corbusier on Stadia (Clan Destine)
  23. Terror by K.F.R. on Anti (s/r)
  24. Femmes Aux Yeux d'Argile by Bene Gesserit & Alain Neffe on An Introduction to the Insane World of Alain Neffe (STROOM.tv)