1. People Fall From Tall Buildings by Crazy House on Cherrystones: Critical Mass/Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978-1984 (Touch Sensitive)
  2. Soul-Vac by Hunting Lodge on Nomad Souls (S/M Operations)
  3. Close To Starvation by Imminent Starvation on Archive.One (ant-zen)
  4. Italian Cinema by Carla Dal Forno on You Know What It's Like (Blackest Ever Black)
  5. Secrets by Fields of The Nephilim (Situation Two/Beggars Banquet)
  6. Morella's Sleep by Paralysed Age on Empire of the Vampire (Dancing Ferret)
  7. Sangre De Ángel by Los Iniciados on El Cantor De Jazz (Reactor)
  8. Watch Your Sex by Pouppée Fabrikk on Rage (Cock Prod.)
  9. 107.7 XM by James Ferraro on i@sia (Folly)
  10. Every Ill Man by Human Flesh on An Introduction Into The Insane World of Alain Neffe (Stroom)
  11. Bleed Like You (Merzbow Version) by Mortiis feat. Merzbow (Omnipresence Productions)
  12. Possession by Pastel Ghost (s/r)
  13. In And Out of My Mind... by Alien Sex Fiend on Maximum Security (Anagram)
  14. Abysmill by Portal on Outre (DK)
  15. Incubus Succubus II by Xmal Deutschland on Tocsin (4AD)
  16. The Descent by Infinity Frequencies on Between Two Worlds (s/r)
  17. Leash by Soft Vein on Pressed In Glass (Artoffact)
  18. Sighs by Goblin on Suspiria (Cinevox)
  19. Track of the Cat by Pram on Dark Island (Domino)
  20. Tanz den Untergang by Echo West on Pagan City Gods (Dark Vinyl)
  21. D by No Love In The House of Gold on void__19### (Microwave)
  22. Autonomy by Boy Harsher feat. LUCY (Cooper B. Handy) on The Runner (Nude Club)
  23. Saved/Captured by Stealing Sheep & The Radiophonic Workshop on La Planete Sauvage (Fire)
  24. I Only See The Lights (Shifted Version) by The KVB on Immaterial Visions Remixes (Cititrax)
  25. One More Night by Can on Ege Bamyasi (United Artists)