Monday afternoon has its reckoning as two back-to-back BFF.FM hosts collide for one Lost Hour. DJ BlckSpkz joins us today to venture through airy, heartfelt beats while we discuss bike rides, dinners, and our start-of-the-week radio residencies.

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Happy Monday! -Tom

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. Sakura Footwork by Kaz Mashino on JUKEしようや Barren Illusion ~ Remember Hiroki Yamamura ~ vol.1 (OMOIDE)
  2. Slow Dancin' by Isaiah Mostafa, Tofu Jack on Slow Dancin' (Single) (The 37 Week Challenge Vol. 2)
  3. Seperated by IAMNOBODI on IAMNOBODI (House Hues)
  4. Baby Love (Daktyl Remix) by Rosehardt, Masego, Daktyl on Rosehardt (Baby Love (Remixs))
  5. Easier with Time by Groovy Widestanc on Easier with Time (Vth Legacy)
  6. Quiet On Set by Planet Giza on Ready When Your Are (Quiet Note)
  7. Nasty by grouptherapy., TJOnline, Jadagrace, SWIM on I was mature of my age, but still a child (grouptherapy.)
  8. Loose Off The WHOGO Interlude by Rayana Jay, Kamal Wilson on Last Call (Rayana Jay)
  9. Lucinda by Relyae on Lucinda (Sundae Sauuce)
  10. no facede - demo by Carter Ace on memories 2 cry about (demo) (Carter Ace)
  11. Daylight by SCayos, Relyae, ROHO on Whatever Happens, Happens (SCayos)
  12. Imperfection by Baddaman cerk on Imperfection (5677417 Records DK)
  13. Sorry 'Bout That by BaggE, Tyegreen on What About Summer? (Well Overdue Recordings)
  14. Before Sunset by Latir on Daydreams & Desires (Unity Records)
  15. Andromade by Ethel on Andromade (1Records)
  16. Matte Black UFO by Marigold on Under Green Light (16 Entertainment)
  17. Under City Lights (Interlude) by @Homies, Aiyana Echols, NoGuru on M.I.D (Homies)
  18. HOLDIN' ON by Pangeaux on Secret Origins of Yesterday (Summerhill Records)
  19. Spanish Moss by Bathe on Bicostal (Good Energy Recordings)
  20. Andromade by Meltycanon on Andromade (Meltycanon)
  21. Feel Like I Know You by Man Made Mountain on Average Mna (Man Made Mountain)
  22. 3022 by Hokage Simon on Neon Noir (Doozy!)