Key Party 015

please go for a soda. i'm hitting some of the worst weeks of my pretty little life.


  1. Come on Aileen by Mark Cone on Mark Cone Sings (Nicey Music)
  2. BREAK by - (self)
  3. The Mutant Glow by Victrola on Born From The Water (Dark Entries) Local
  4. Don't Cry by Coldreams on Don't Cry: Complete Recordings (Camisole Records)
  5. И всюду запах затухших свечей by Utro on First Album (Talitres)
  6. La Navaja by PLOMO (Plomo)
  7. BREAK by - (self)
  8. Never Start a Band by Zsa Zsa Zapien and Sonic Eyes on Sapiosexual (Mysterion Art Lab)
  9. Headcheese by Psychotic Pineapple on Where's the Party (The Rubinoos) Local
  10. 13 Rules for Tiki Bars by Surrealist Temple Band on Music for the Poorly Educated (Trashmouth)
  11. Idiotic by X-Cetra on Stardust (Numero Group) Local
  12. BREAK by - (self)
  13. Souvenir Americano by Raivan Perez on Raivan Perez (self)
  14. Bajo Tu Poder by La KGB on La KGB (self)
  15. Disco Gay by Autobus on Bailando Sobre los Escombros (Brano Media)
  16. Perdón Amadeus by Perdón Amadeus on El Pacto (Parakultural Records)
  17. BREAK by - (self)
  18. Hablas debajo del agua by Sofia on Canciones para saltarse por encima (Humo Internacional) New
  19. She's a Song by P.K. 14 on Whoever and Whoever (Modern Sky Records)
  20. City Poison by Moonshake on Eva Luna (Matador)
  21. Мой вейп by Арсений Креститель on Арсений Морозов (Home Cult)
  22. BREAK by - (self)
  23. Modifier by Robert Walter's 20th Congress on Spacesuit (Royal Potato Family)
  24. The CIty Sleeps by Deux Filles on Silence & Wisdom (Papier Mache)
  25. Bali Pulao Bagus by Cybe on Tropisch Verlangen (STROOM)
  26. Miriam by Larry Lewis on African By-Pass (Numero)
  27. BREAK by - (self)
  28. Animation by Cabaret Voltaire on The Crackdown (Mute Artists Limited)
  29. Big Head by Minimal Man on Safari (CD Presents)
  30. Our Dust by A.C. Marias on One Of Our Girls (Has Gone Missing) (Mute (1989))
  31. Just Say by Alan Vega on New Raceion (Saturn Strip)
  32. Go For Soda by Kim Mitchell on Akimbo Alogo (Alert Music)