Key Party 016

yippee ki yay nutty clumpers


  1. 3 Cups of Coffee (Live) by Mr Let's Paint on Riding The Soundwaves (John Kilduff) New
  2. Her Needs (1999) [feat. Karl O'Connor] by Sandra Electronics on Sessions (Minimal Wave)
  3. Smell of Paint by La Punta Bianca on Demian (Detriti)
  4. La Notte é Oscura by Dame Area on La Soluzione é Una (Màgia Roja / BFE)
  5. Boom Boom Romance by Medio Mutante on Eadem Mutata Resurgo (585205)
  6. Lolita by Lolina on Lolita EP (Lolina)
  7. Malas Palabras by Soltera (Soltera) New
  8. Always Now by Section 25 on The Key of Dreams (s/r)
  9. Cardenal en el infierno (Vatican satanii mix - Erick Bullón) by Varsovia on Recursos Inhumanos (Varsovia)
  10. Raining Tears of Blood by Chris & Cosey on Songs of Love & Lust (Conspiracy International)
  11. Sfire 3E by Sfire on Sfire (Cocktail D'Amore Music)
  12. Asc_01 by Ascending on Earthlings (Detriti)
  13. Not Such a Joke by Martin Dupont on Inédits (Minimal Wave)
  14. Private Party by Bianca Scout, DOTN, Cyan (Bianca Scout)
  15. Follow Me by End of Data on Sahrah (BFE)
  16. N'en Parlons Plus by Police des Mouers on Courir Dans Les Ruines (Visage Musique)
  17. Eyebrows Still Shaved by Whirlywirld on The Complete Studio Works (Hozac)
  18. Nonsense Nonsense by Geneva Jacuzzi on Lamaze (Mexican Summer)
  19. She Loves Me by BATT3RY AC1D (DK) Local
  20. THE SKY LOVES YOU by BATT3RY AC1D (DK) New Local
  21. BLUSH take2 by BATT3RY AC1D (DK) Local
  22. Another Flaming Tune by Flaming Tunes on Flaming Tunes (Superior Viaduct)
  23. A Lonely Boy by K. Leimer on A Period of Review (Original Recordings: 1975 - 1983) (RVNG Intl.)
  24. Human Zoo by Digital Dance on Treatment (LTM)
  25. Ngúói Dàn Bà Làm Dâu by GõLim on Gái Làng (GõLim)
  26. I am Coming Through! (Live) by Mr Let's Paint on Riding The Soundwaves (John Kilduff)
  27. Melancholy Man by The Wake on Here Comes Everybody (Factory)