KP 017

today we air the gayest song ever made that wasn't meant to be gay


  1. Boat of Car by They Might Be Giants on Self title (Elektra)
  2. bedroom drum by amen dunes on through donkey jaw (Sacred Bones Records)
  3. Dream Over by Pure X on Pleasure (Pure x/infinite best)
  4. Always Forgetting with You (The Bridge Song) by Spiritualized on The Space Project (Lefse)
  5. letting go by The Field Mice on snowball (sarah)
  6. I Feels So Lonely by Viktor Sodoma, The Matadors on Matadors (Supraphon)
  7. In and Outta Brain by The Thunderbeats on Four Minutes Ago (self-released)
  8. Black Mass for the Nuclear God by Olympic on The Street (Supraphon)
  9. Svijet u kojem živim by Indexi on Indexi (Croatia Records)
  10. Say Yes by Elliott Smith on Either / Or (Kill Rock Stars)
  11. Dorado by The Sleeps on Clastic Rock: The Early Days (982073 Records DK) Local
  12. Andy, You're a Star by The Killers on Hot Fuss (Island Records)
  13. Changes (feat. Kerry McCoy) by Antonio Williams on 25th street sessions (ghost ramp)
  14. Wires by The Moles on Untune the Sky (Fire Records)
  15. Kitchen by L. Voag on The Way Out (Superior Viaduct)
  16. The Fish Needs a Bike by Blurt (Blackhill Music)
  17. Submarine / サブマリン by Morio Agata / あがた森魚 on サブマリン (Vanity)
  18. Phanta by Le Tigre on Le Tigre (Mr. Lady)
  19. Þeir & Þ​æ​r by ex.girl on Sisters and Brothers vol 2 (Self)
  20. Bailando Primitivo by Conjunto Primitivo on Morir y Renacer (Chicago Research)
  21. There Is by EYE (seld)
  22. Bats by Oto on Anyway (Atypeek Music)
  23. Cap Tourmente by Xara Dion on Fugitive (Visage Musique)
  24. Shaher by Aurat on Image (s/r)
  25. Calling My Brain by Felix Kubin on Teenage Tapes (Minimal Wave)