Ep. 120 - "Bylines"

Does a Monday on a three-day weekend really count as a Monday? Regardless, it's always the right time of week to tune in to a fun, eclectic mix of guitar-driven indie, noise pop, psych, shoegaze, skate punk, etc. Today we have some new tracks from Friko, Mary Timony, Dog Day, Chest, glass beach, Lime Garden, and more!


  1. Hammertown by Dog Day on Almost (Fundog) New
  2. Anyway by La Sécurité on Stay Safe! (Mothland)
  3. Slightly Shaking Cells by Pozi on Smiling Pools (PRAH)
  4. Hairspine by supernowhere on Gestalt (Topshelf)
  5. Clone by The Armed on Perfect Saviors (Sargent House)
  6. never gonna be your baby by The Samphires (poormansveggies) New
  7. Sad Girls For Vida by Pretty Girls Make Graves on Good Health (Lookout!)
  8. Tape by Dwindle on Present General Conditions (Guilt Ridden Pop)
  9. Heavy Meadows by Javelins on Heavy Meadows (Suburban Sprawl)
  10. Waterslide by Chest (self-released) New
  11. La Flemme by Bonbon Vodou on Cimetière Créole (Heavenly Sweetness)
  12. Composite by Palm on Rock Island (Carpark)
  13. For A Moment by Sugar World (self-released) New
  14. Underneath The Moon by Julia Holter on Aviary (Domino)
  15. abyss angel by glass beach on plastic death (Run For Cover) New
  16. Burglar by Honeyglaze on Honeyglaze (Speedy Wunderground)
  17. The Guest by Mary Timony (Merge) New
  18. Going Away by Beech on Back In December (UhmYeahSure) New
  19. Worried by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh) Local
  20. Underdogs of Nipomo by Archers of Loaf on Vee Vee (Alias)
  21. All Things Ordinary by The Anniversary on Designing A Nervous Breakdown (Vagrant)
  22. The Last Ten by Weakened Friends on Quitter (Don Giovanni)
  23. Crashing Through by Friko on Where We've Been, Where We Go From Here (ATO) New
  24. Certain Things You Ought To Know by Destroyer on Your Blues (Merge)
  25. Love Song by Lime Garden on One More Thing (So Young) New
  26. If You Don't Let It Die by Truly on Fast Stories... From Kid Coma (Capitol)
  27. I'm In Love by Lavender Blush on The Garden Of Inescapable Pleasure (Shelflife) Local
  28. For Celebrations Past by Screaming Trees on Sweet Oblivion (Epic)
  29. Anza by Thank You Come Again on Thank You Come Again EP (self-released) Local