Feb. 19th, 2024.


  1. SO MUCH LOVE ON MY MIND by SUPERSEX420 x TENDENCIES on Split EP (Deluxe) (Montaime)
  2. Around My Way (Produced by Brian Ellis) by Zackey Force Funk on 4x4 Scorpion (NA)
  3. Shadow Of The Night by Katsutoshi Morizono on The Compilation (JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment)
  4. Loose (feat. JIIN) (YUNU Remix) by SINQMIN, JIIN (Sony Music South Korea)
  5. Exacta by Tupperwave on Hooked On Aesthetics/2022 (Box Jelly Inc)
  6. R&B by Barb Walters on NA (NA)
  7. Better by Saint Pepsi on Hit Vibes (NA)
  8. Late Night by Vantage on J funk city (NA)
  9. Driving My Love by Anri on Timely!! (For Life Records)
  10. When I Look In Your Eyes - Original Mix by FederFunk (More than house records)
  11. Mizuiro No Ame (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix) by Junko Yagami on Single (NA)
  12. Let's Do It (Night Tempo Edit) by Minako Yoshida (NA)
  13. Snack on Snacks by The Phantom's Revenge on Snack on snacks/2021 (Montaime)
  14. 80's Dating Show by The Phantoms Revenge on Snack on snacks/2021 (Montaime)
  15. 50//50 by Vantage on Metro City/2015 (NA)
  16. Back 2 Rhythm by Hard Drive Library on Back 2 Rhythm (NA)
  17. Flaix fm 97 interlude by The Phantom's Revenge on Commercial Breaks pt II (NA)
  18. Pasilda (Knee Deep Remix) by Afro Medusa (Reverb Records)
  19. Took a turn by Loukeman on SD-1/2021 (NA)
  20. コンシャスTHOUGHTS - いい感じ by KANAKO WADA on SINGLE (NA)
  21. Se Rompen by Waleed on Se Rompen (Abu Recordings)
  22. My Own by MPH (Wub Club Records)
  23. Night City Shadows by Sui Uzi on Night Songs pt. 1/2017 (NA)
  24. Hot Cat by Guchon on Tropical Pizza EP/2021 (NA)
  25. ヨコハマ・シティ (Saury edit) by Paris Match on NA (NA)
  26. I Need You by Unknown on NA (NA)
  27. Losing you by Kengo Kurozumi on Again/2017 (Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd./NIPPONOPHONE)
  28. Midnight Pretenders by Tomoko Aran on 浮遊空間 (Warner Bros.)
  29. Younger than I by Sui Uzi on Night Songs pt. 1/2017 (NA)
  30. Coastin' by Cali Life Style on Mexican Invasion/1996 (Underworld 805 records)