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  • HBFM № 2 120 mins

  • Mixing all types of dance and electronic :) A mix I did for Project Radio a while back Next week I've got loads of new music…

    Echolocation 60 mins

  • And just like that...2023 is over. What a year. The lows was quite low but whew! the highs were damn high. Tonight I'm getting behind the…

    Echolocation 60 mins

  • HIIIIIII Yay! This weekend starts the newly refined version of Echolocation! Every week of the month has a specific energy to help you know what to…

    Echolocation 60 mins

  • It's January 1st? Huh?? We made it. Go us. I ran a poll on Instagram asking you what you wanted to hear this episode- Let's Dance…

    Echolocation 60 mins

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HEARTBEATS is a series of live shows in the Bay Area that spotlights artists and focuses on immersive and rousing electronic dance music. Reach out if you'd like to spin at one of our events. If not then enjoy the tunes.


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