transfiguration #314 sunset chasers mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. 幸せは変装した悲しみ by desert sand feels warm at night on 暗​涙​に​咽​ぶ (Geometric Lullaby)
  2. Millennium Surfer by Aroma Pitch on Millennium Surfer (Public Possession)
  3. I Go by Peggy Gou on I Go - Single (Gudu Records)
  4. Orange by Bella Boo on DreamySpaceyBlue (Studio Barnhus)
  5. Midtown 120 Blues by DJ Sprinkles on I'm Starting To Feel Ok Vol. 5 Pt.1 - Single (Endless Flight)
  6. Unconditional (Radio Edit) by A Vision of Panorama & Eiko Hara on Café Del Mar XXIX (Vol. 29) (Café Del Mar)
  7. Grind by Les Sins on Grind / Prelims - Single (Jiaolong)
  8. Feel Like Dancin (Malik Hendricks Remix) [Extended Version] by 79.5 & Malik Hendricks on Feel Like Dancin (Malik Hendricks Remix) [Extended Version] - Single (Razor-N-Tape)
  9. Flash Boys by Valerie from the Galerie on Long Time Listener First Time Caller (What About Never)
  10. Asok by kemt on Moony - Single (Shall Not Fade)
  11. Szikra by Kornél Kovács on Szikra (Studio Barnhus)
  12. Del Sol (Space Ghost Remix) by Manuel Darquart on The Del Sol (WOLF Music Recordings)
  13. The Call (Thomas Stieler's Sunshine Edit) by Melchior Productions Ltd on The Thomas Stieler Edits (MY KING IS LIGHT)
  14. Lush by Janeret on Passion (Shall Not Fade)
  15. Think About You by Shai FM on Inhale (Deep Sky Wonders)
  16. Staying In Touch by Baalti on Better Together (all my thoughts)
  17. Running Around (Priori's Definitely Canadian House Remix) by Regularfantasy on Lemon Citrus (naff)
  18. Dreamscape by Olive T on Effervescent (Permanent Vacation)
  19. Lit (Paradise Mix) by Alex Neri on It's All About Love (SLOW LIFE)
  20. Oxytoxin by Otik on Oxytoxin - Single (Future Classic)
  21. What We're On by Los Primos on Under - Stompin' (Lapse Records)
  22. Call of the Void by Partiboi69 on Call of the Void (Running Back)
  23. Blue by Fort Romeau on Romantic Gestures, Vol. 1 (Romantic Gestures)
  24. U Already Know by Slava on 2015 (Unknown To The Unknown)