transfiguration #315 stay focusss mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. 幸せは変装した悲しみ by desert sand feels warm at night on 暗​涙​に​咽​ぶ (Geometric Lullaby)
  2. Fantasy by FarragoL on On Being Love (self released)
  3. Passion Meditation by Slim Guerilla on Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (Passion Playas)
  4. Stay FOCUSSSS [fast+reg] by Yungwebster on Yungwebster (sferic)
  5. Odyssey by PΣRMANΣNT//ZΣIMP on GIVE ME A RAZÓN (doki doki beats)
  6. Piensa En Mí by Double Cassette Loop on Music Therapy (Pirotecnia)
  7. Next Levels by King Geedorah on Take Me to Your Leader (Big Dada)
  8. Luv Baby Soft by Seafood Sam on Afros In the Wind (drink sum wtr)
  9. talk 2 god (feat. Edbwoy!) by zesh on Lotus (##CORAZON)
  10. Time Traveler by Chester Watson on Nebulous (Otherworldly Records)
  11. La Virgen De Los Sicarios by Jay Christ on La Virgen De Los Sicarios - Single (INRI TRAXX)
  12. Tell Me Bout It* (feat. Dolo2000) by nvrfrnds on Tell Me Bout It* (feat. Dolo2000) - Single (self released)
  13. Woke Up and Asked Siri How I'm Gonna Die (feat. billy woods, E L U C I D & JPEGMAFIA) by Armand Hammer on We Buy Diabetic Test Strips (feat. billy woods & E L U C I D) (Fat Possum Records)
  14. 1MILLONE (prod: Sxci3ty) by NAPPYNAPPA on TEMP CHEQ (self released)
  15. Red Eye (feat. Hondees) by Auto Lola on SLEEP (hochi runs)
  16. Shine by demahjiae on Angels Wear Black (EP) (self released)
  17. New Levels (feat. Illa J) by Koralle on New Levels (feat. Illa J) - Single (Four Flies)
  18. like magic by Versâam on Transience & Permanence (Hot Record Societe)
  19. On My Grind by Air Max '97 & T Breezy on On My Grind - Single (DECISIONS)
  20. Skurrr by MIKE & Tony Seltzer on Pinball (10k)
  21. Pr'ncess D'e by Brbko on DOWN2EARTH - Single (self released)
  22. THEY DON'T STOP IN THE RAIN with TAKA (feat. TAKA) by MIKE on Burning Desire (10k)
  23. Can I Pwease Be On the Breakfast Club (feat. Ovrkast.) by WESTCLIFFHOLT on Can I Pwease Be On the Breakfast Club (feat. Ovrkast.) - Single (self released)
  24. Woke up in a Dream (feat. Lil Tracy) by Shabazz Palaces on Robed in Rareness (Sub Pop Records)
  25. Shakedown by Danny Brown on Quaranta (Warp Records Limited)
  26. Baggin' Glory by Porter Ray on Baggin' Glory - Single (Intratecque)
  27. Spellbound (feat. The Koreatown Oddity) by Jamma-Dee on Perceptions (NBN Records)
  28. R.V.L. by Lvndr Twn on Lvndr Twn (My Pet Flamingo)
  29. Kochaj Mnie by Pejzaż on Kochaj Mnie/Nadal lubię….życie inaczej - Single (The Very Polish Cut Outs)
  30. Loved by Four Tet on Loved - Single (Text Records)
  31. 変化の錯覚 by DΛRKNΣSS on magician whisper (doki doki beats)
  32. Blue by Patrick Holland on Infra (self released)
  33. 一人ぼっち by PANDORA MADNEZZ on ボ​イ​ド​に​つ​い​て (doki doki beats)
  34. Tomoko Aran - Midnight Pretenders [M E M E W A V E // version (tributo)] by XBF3 on 2011 N 0 S T A L G I A (XBF3)
  35. 夜の愛 by Maykretch on 中​世​の​メ​ロ​デ​ィ​ー (doki doki beats)
  36. Sunshine_Rain_ (deranger hot dub edition) by Groove Remote on Intimate Genius (Naughty Night)
  37. Signal by Pugilist on Banoffee Pies Beats 04 (Banoffee Pies)
  38. wish you were here by waterfront dining on drown (Naughty Night)