transfiguration #316 down the rabbit hole mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. I Become by Free Love on Inside (Lost Map Records)
  2. Colour Science (feat. Chocola B) by A Taut Line on Never Any Gain (Diskotopia)
  3. Theros by Coti K. on Theros (Dark Entries Records)
  4. For a Drive by Gillies on What About Luv - EP (Star Creature)
  5. Et Annet Sted by Hubbabubbaklubb on Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer (Snorkel Records)
  6. Hi Desire (Fuga Ronto Remix) by Maraschino on Uncommon Species II - EP (Phantom Island)
  7. The Staff (feat. Shoutit) by CHILLGOGOG on That White Building - EP (Eating Music)
  8. Bamboo Nights by Sonny Ism on Dad Zone (Northern Underground Records)
  9. Tederheid by Don Melody Club on Zonder Pardon - EP (Bongo Joe)
  10. Last Room by Loveshadow on II (Dark Entries Records)
  11. Cartagena by Reyna Tropical on Malegría (Psychic Hotline)
  12. Back of My Mind by Bodysync, Ryan Hemsworth, Giraffage & Dazy on Back of My Mind - Single (Buddies Inc)
  13. The Sign (サイン) [feat. Kiki Hitomi] by Saroos on Turtle Roll (Alien Transistor)
  14. Test by Discovery Zone on Quantum Web (RVNG Intl.)
  15. Playmobils by Analytica on Strategy of Tension (Ice Machine Records)
  16. Imposter Syndrome (feat. Bay Bryan) by The Thief Of Time on Where Do I Belong? (Sprechen)
  17. Sanctified feat Working Men's Club by System Olympia on Sanctified EP (self released)
  18. Ski Resort by Marina Zispin on Life and Death - The Five Chandeliers of the Funereal Exorcisms - EP (Night School)
  19. Afterworld by Phantom Youth on Stay and Run - Single (Spirit Goth Records)
  20. Me Ves by VULPIX & Black Yrs on Me Ves - Single (Spirit Goth Records)
  21. I Hope You Die by TTSSFU on Me, Jed and Andy (fear of missing out records)
  22. Spiral by Cathedral Bells on Spiral - Single (Spirit Goth Records)
  23. Chainmail by Mauv on Chainmail - Single (All My Thoughts)
  24. Pesnya o Lyubvi by Lurve on Run, Get Drunk & Fall in Love Again (Spirit Goth Records)
  25. New Mind by DARK ROOM on New Mind - EP (BIRTHDIY)
  26. Elegant Death by Curses on Elegant Death - Single (Italians Do It Better)
  27. Like Love is Real by Yndling on Yndling (Kerry On The Cake)
  28. Tell Me About It (feat. Dottie) by Whitelands on Night-bound Eyes Are Blind to the Day (Sonic Cathedral)
  29. Faded by Coco Koop on Try - EP (self released)
  30. nil by Jespfur on Pedestrians of Bright Silence (10k)