transfiguration #317 (holiday in ruins)


  1. Breezes Were Polar Storms by Pablo's Eye on Breezes Were Polar Storms - Single (Stroom)
  2. sippin (prod kindtree) by k2dj on sippin (ben bondy)
  3. The Boundary by common occurrence! on The Boundary - Single (BIRTHDIY)
  4. cloud cover by Kevin on Laundry (Motion Ward)
  5. A Pale Horse In Roswell 1947 by Monde UFO on 7171 (Fire Records)
  6. What a Summer by Mapache on Swinging Stars (Innovative Leisure)
  7. Angel Like You by Nick Harley on Leave No Trace (Primordial Void)
  8. Something to Say by Little Kid on Something to Say - Single (Orindal Records)
  9. World on a String by Jessica Pratt on Here in the Pitch (Mexican Summer)
  10. Milk White Steed by NTsKi on Calla (EM Records)
  11. HUBBLE by Salami Rose Joe Louis & Flanafi on sarah (self released)
  12. Marble Walls by Tara Clerkin Trio on On The Turning Ground - EP (World of Echo)
  13. Mountain by Meagre Martin on Gut Punch (Mansions and Millions)
  14. For You And All The Songs We Loved by Maple Glider on I Get Into Trouble (Partisan Records)
  15. Candleflame by Adrianne Lenker on Bright Future (4AD)
  16. Ritual by Side Thing on Funeral Friends (BIRTHDIY)
  17. The Realms by Elsa Hewitt on Chaos Emeralds (self released)
  18. Crystal Blue by Still Corners on Dream Talk (Wrecking Light Records)
  19. Tic Tac (feat. Rachel Goswell) by Pete International Airport on It Felt Like the End of the World (self released)
  20. Prozora by Sasha Renkas on Safe Place (World Of Paint)
  21. Accelerate Slowly by Jane Penny (Luminelle Recordings)
  22. Proud Man by Elysium on Glisten (Numero Group)
  23. Les Enfants by W.A.T. on A Letter To My Love (Stroom)
  24. Listen by Riz Story on Self Portrait (Numero Group)
  25. Desert (feat. Marina Zispin) by Bianca Scout on Pattern Damage (sferic)
  26. Cherish It by Phantom Youth on Cherish It - Single (Spirit Goth Records)
  27. Endless Day by Darksoft on Endless Day - Single (Spirit Goth Records)
  28. Empty and Silent (feat. King Krule) by Mount Kimbie & King Krule on The Sunset Violent (Warp Records)
  29. Daylight Song by Wu-Lu on Learning to Swim on Empty (Warp Records)
  30. Pure and Young Love by Lurve on Run, Get Drunk & Fall in Love Again (Spirit Goth Records)
  31. Ghost with a Peach Skin (kelz remix) by mui zyu on Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century (Expansion Pack) (Father/Daughter Records)
  32. Mental by Peaking Lights on Mental (self released)