Ep. 122 - "Knapweeds"

There has been too much new music to even keep up with lately -- always a great problem to have! This week, we have brand-new tracks from Bad Tiger, Maggie Gently, The Voidz, Tugboat Captain, Khruangbin, Nice World, Sundozer, and more!


  1. In the Static by Marbled Eye (Summer Shade) New Local
  2. WELL by Cymbals Eat Guitars on Pretty Years (Sinderlyn)
  3. In Sensitivity by Puppy Angst on Scorpio Season (self-released)
  4. Memories by Lightnings! (self-released) New
  5. You Can't Do It All by Cusp on You Can Do It All (338755)
  6. Crying in a Corn Maze by Big Rig on Big Rig (Peaceful Tapes)
  7. Gloaming Way by Circles Around The Sun, Mikaela Davis (Kill Rock Stars) New
  8. Pure Shores by Horsebeach (RE:WARM) New
  9. TV Revelation by TV Star on TV3 (self-released)
  10. All The Same by The Voidz (Cult) New
  11. May Ninth by Khruangbin (Dead Oceans) New
  12. Self-Imploding Identity by Elstow on Planets Away (self-released)
  13. No Hell by Nice World (self-released) New Local
  14. Now That I'm Back by Frances Quinlan on Likewise (Saddle Creek)
  15. Greetings From The Sugar Lick by The Spinanes on Arches And Aisles (Merge)
  16. Weather Report by The American Analog Set on The Golden Band (Emperor Jones)
  17. Still Life by Sundozer (Low Rev) New
  18. Broken Man by St. Vincent (Total Pleasure) New
  19. Nice While It Lasted by Famous on The Valley (Untitled)
  20. Water And A Seat by Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks on Pig Lib (Matador)
  21. Basement Band Song by The Organ on Grab That Gun (604)
  22. Underneath The Leaves by John Vanderslice on Life And Death Of An American Fourtracker (Barsuk)
  23. Bosch by Tugboat Captain (self-released) New
  24. Connected Endlessly by Mild Universe (self-released) New Local
  25. Free The Pterodactyl 3 by Hot Tub De Paris on Free The Pterodactyl 3 (Moshi Moshi)
  26. E.T.A. by Damon and Naomi on More Sad Hits (Shimmy Disc)
  27. Sad Songs by Maggie Gently (self-released) New Local
  28. Against The Tide by The Radio Dept. on Lesser Matters (XL)
  29. Sunset City by The Magnetic Fields on The Charm Of The Highway Strip (Merge)
  30. Honey by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  31. This Band Is Killing Us by Johnny Foreigner on Arcs Across The City (Best Before)