Ep. 123 - "Orangery"

Have you gotten over Spring Forward yet? Me neither, but I'm sure it'll happen any day now... In the meantime, we're starting bright and early with a delightful set of underground favorites, including fresh tracks from foamboy, Friko, Grumpster, Mary Timony, Office Dog, PACKS, Cardinals, The Asteroid No. 4, Finnoguns Wake, and many, many more.


  1. Eating Me Alive by Foamboy on Eating Me Alive (self-released) New
  2. Life Is by Jessica Pratt (Mexican Summer) New Local
  3. My World/Your Girl by Soft Plastics on Saturn Return (self-released)
  4. Not That Dumb by Suddenly, Tammy! on We Get There When We Do (Marchbaby Music)
  5. Erase My Mind by Hot Garbage on Precious Dream (self-released) New
  6. Billow by Meatbodies on Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom (In The Red) New
  7. Hollyhock Way by The Asteroid No. 4 (Silver Arrow) New Local
  8. I Know by Trespassers William on Anchor (Saint Marie)
  9. Fun by The Blue Aeroplanes on Beat Songs (Chrysalis)
  10. Lovers All by Finnoguns Wake on Stay Young (What's Your Rupture?) New
  11. Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing? by C Turtle on Expensive Thrills (Blitzcat) New
  12. All My Friends by Land Of Talk on Applause Cheer Boo Hiss (self-released)
  13. My Greatest Achievement by Salt Water Criminals on House Of Highs (Garbage)
  14. Incoherent Love Songs by P.S. Eliot on Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds (Salinas)
  15. Starchild by Sweet Pill (Hopeless) New
  16. Bottom Feeder by Grumpster (Pure Noise) New Local
  17. Empty Head by Screaming Females on Rose Mountain (Don Giovanni)
  18. Unreal by Cardinals (So Young) New
  19. Inner City by Real Farmer on Compare What's There (Strap Originals) New
  20. Comin' Home by Murder By Death on Red Of Tooth And Claw (Vagrant)
  21. Tailwind by The Drones on Feelin Kinda Free (self-released)
  22. Spiel by Office Dog on Spiel (New West) New
  23. Romantic Worlds by Jane Weaver (Fire) New
  24. Take Care by PACKS on Melt The Honey (Fire Talk) New
  25. Bitter Medicine by Tanukichan on Sundays (Company) Local
  26. In The Round by The Cardigans on Super Extra Gravity (Nettwerk)
  27. R&B by English Teacher on Single (Islands) New
  28. Chemical by Friko on Where We've Been, Where We Go From Here (ATO) New
  29. Cognitive Dissonance by Library Card on Nothing, Interesting (At Ease) New
  30. No Thirds by Mary Timony on Untame the Tiger (Merge) New