abuela's pantry 247


  1. Empty In My Mind by Dehd on Blue Skies (Fat Possum)
  2. Wobbly by Ezra Furman on Perpetual Motion People (Bella Union)
  3. Extra-ordinary by Dressy Bessy on Pink Hearts Yellow Moons (Kindercore Records)
  4. Hella Nervous by Gravy Train!!!! on Mens (Self Released)
  5. Abducida Por Formar Una Pareja by Tronco on Abducida Por Formar Una Pareja (Elefant)
  6. alien eyes by sissy bar on Songs for Peeps (Mootron)
  7. all night by charlie houston on single (arts and cradfts)
  8. Break
  9. I Want You To Want Me by Letters to Cleo on When Did We Do That? (Self Released)
  10. the new thing dies by ray bull on easy wat to love ep (independent)
  11. do i wanna know? by arctic monkeys on AM (Domino)
  12. eye contact by the klittens on butter (self-released)
  13. overwhelmed by the cannanes on living the dream (chaper)
  14. Thirteen - Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on spotify singles (yeah yeah yeahs)
  15. sky, ocean, and weapons by rose melberg, masahiro takahashi on Before Gender, Language, And Definition (性と言葉と定義の前) - EP (kingfisher bluez)
  16. When You're Around by Water From Your Eyes on Structure (Wharf Cat)
  17. Train Under Water by Bright Eyes on I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (Saddle Creek)
  18. satellite of love by Love Positions on Billiepeebup (half a cow)
  19. Near You by The Umbrellas on The Umbrellas (Slumberland Records) Local
  20. underworld by being dead on Fame Money Death by Drive (Austin Town Hall)
  21. I Am the Car by Fake Fruit on I Am the Car (Fire Talk)
  22. waiting time by ya ya choral on Whats a Quaver + (barren musk)
  23. Hangman by PACKS on Take the Cake (Firetalk)
  24. your face by wisp on single (music soup/interscope)
  25. the fatalist by girlhouse on the girlhouse ep (Secret Road)
  26. Lomita by Dig Nitty on Reverse of Mastery (Exploding In Sound)
  27. Broadview by Slow Pulp on Yard (Anti-)
  28. I Kiss The Flowers In Bloom by Close Lobsters on Foxheads Stalk This Land (Enigma)
  29. Secret Heart by Feist on Let It Die (Polydor)
  30. Landfill by Daughter on His Young Heart (Glassnote Records)
  31. Eraser by Sea Lemon on Close Up (Spirit Goth)
  32. inward jam by kitty craft on Beats and Breaks from the Flower Patch (Takotsubo)
  33. life of me by john smajda on single (self-released)
  34. You, Me, Sweet by The Receptionists on The Last Letter (Ba Da Bing)
  35. i will by mitski on Bury Me At Makeout Creek (dead oceans)
  36. dream of me by NewDad on MADRA (a fair youth)
  37. rot in love by ratbag on why aren't you laughing? - EP (mischief)
  38. waiting in vain - spotify singles by jordan ward on waiting in vain - spotify singles (interscope)
  39. crush by Tessa Violet on bad ideas (TAG)