011 - There's got to be more

New tracks by Babehoven, Bolis Pupul, Erika Angell, JS, SZA, Cyrille Aimee, Ronnie Lion, Harrison Brome, Kelala, Ezra Collective, and more!


  1. Birdseye by Babehoven on Single (Double Double Whammy)
  2. Melted Rope by Wand on Golem (In the Red)
  3. Home Town by WITCH on Witch: We Intend to Cuase Havoc! (Now Again)
  4. Completely Half by Bolis Pupul (Soulwax)
  5. Dress Of Stillness by Erika Angell on The Obsession With Her Voice (Constellation)
  6. Houdini by Dua Lipa on Houdini (Warner)
  7. In Love by JS on In Love (JS)
  8. Feather by Sabrina Carpenter on emails i can't send fwd: (Island)
  9. Saturn by SZA on Saturn (Top Dawg RCA)
  10. Beautiful Way by Cyrille Aimee, Jake Sherman on à Fleur de Peau (Whirlwind)
  11. Hombre Peligroso by Ronnie Lion on Spanish Town (Isle of Jura)
  12. Forget About Us by Harrison Brome on Stars at Midnight (Nettwerk)
  13. soso by Omah Lay on Boy Alone (Key Qaad)
  14. Contact - Karen Nyame KG Remix by Kelela, Karen Nyame KG on RAVE:N, The Remixes (Warp)
  15. Glue by Bicep on Bicep (Ninja)
  16. JOY (Life Goes On) by Ezra Collective, Sampa the Great, Joy Anonymous on JOY (Life Goes On) (Partisan)
  17. Would You (go to bed with me?) by Campbell, Alcemist on Would You (go to bed with me?) (Atlantic, Universal)
  18. Lock&Key by Lolahol on Go (Chemical X)