054: Pixel Perfect


  1. How Much is Too Much (5ZYL Remix) by Ement on Metatone Remixes (PZ Records)
  2. It´s Over by Impulsive Behavior, YTP on Ponys > Police (Impulsive Behavior)
  3. Too Dr1ve to Drunk by WACHITA CHINA on D1e and Repeat (Must Be On Wax)
  4. Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante by Dark Vektor on Universos Infinitos (HC Records)
  5. Deli by Ice Spice on Like..? (Deluxe) (10k Projects)
  6. Acid Baile by Adame DJ (Vandal System)
  7. Sing To It by Hyroglifics, Nah Eeto on I'll Wait, I Guess (Critical Music)
  8. Big Ball by Peder Mannerfelt on Hyperchase (Nervous Horizon)
  9. Shaneera by Fatima Al Qadiri, Bobo Secret, Lama3an on Shaneera EP (Hyperdub)
  10. Alien Transmission (Original Mix) by Volruptus on Homeblast EP (bbbbbb)
  11. Parallax by Nite Fleit, False Persona on Acid Avengers 018 (Tripalium Corp)
  12. CX Pallas by Placid One on Warm Embracing Dance (Placid One)
  13. Chi Boost by Zenker Brothers on Mad System (Ilian Tape)
  14. Work Ya Ass (Manao & Elektor Remix) by Truncate on Work Ya Ass (WRKTRX)
  15. Where The Ring Ends by RUman on Where The Ring Ends LP (Warm Up)
  16. Krug (False Persona Remix) by 5zyl, Shit Control on Krug (PZ Records)
  17. Cinema by Viikatory on yet (Tressor Records)
  18. Time Echo (feat. The Hacker) by Jensen Interceptor on Mother (Lone Romantic)
  19. OFI by Model 500 on OFI / Huesca (R&S Records)
  20. What I Want (Varum Remix) by Club Cab on Lick It (Dancefloor Impact Research)
  21. Freaks Frequency by Transparent Sound on Freaks Frequency (Transparent Sound)
  22. Dance Like We Are Lovers (BASHKKA'S Unholy Hour Remix) by Michael Cignarale on Dance Like We Are Lovers (BASHKKA Remix) (Spotlight Records)
  23. Work REMIX (feat. A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad James & ScHoolboy Q) by A$AP Ferg on Trap Lord (RCA Records)
  24. Tu Já Curtiu a Dz7? Eu Sim, Eu Não by MC PR, DJ LA BEAT on Tu Já Curtiu a Dz7? Eu Sim, Eu Não (Master Gold)
  25. POCK POCK DO ROCK by Dj Léo da 17, DJ Lobão ZL, DJ KS 011, MC PR, Mc Menor Do Alvorada (iMusics)
  26. Os Cachorrão Chegou by MC Novinho da Praça on Os Cachorrão Chegou (Furacão 2000)
  27. Estela by Manao on Betaworks (Planetaria Music)
  28. Air by Long Island Sound on Don't Let Me / Air (Signs of Space Records)
  29. Modern Bliss by Roza Terenzi, Ivy Barkakati on Modern Bliss (Planet Euphorique)
  30. Late Night Snack by Danny Daze on El Cubano EP (Moustache Records)
  31. All I Wanna Do by Closet Yi on Point of Hue (Honey Badger Records)
  32. Festnetz by Ed Davenport on Festnetz (Siamese)
  33. Paraiso Tan by Hammer on Think About Me (Italo Hiits)
  34. An Inclination by Martinou (Nous'klaer Audio)
  35. Edison (Ross From Friends Remix) by Westerman on Edison (Ross From Friends Remix) (Westerman)
  36. Coton by Fasme on Home (Feel My Bicep)