053: Mango Frappe


  1. flight fm by Joy Orbison (Hinge Finger)
  2. Big Hammer by James Blake on Playing Robots Into Heaven (UMG Recordings, Inc.)
  3. F_ck The Beat Up by Head Space on Ultimate Campilation, Vol. 3 (DUB'RAW)
  4. Lost In Cyberspace by Downhill2k01 (Downhill2k01)
  5. More Than Ever by SWIM, CRUSH3d on 1000 Years Good Luck (SWIM, CRUSH3d)
  6. Dream by Chloé Robinson, DJ ADHD on Dream (fabric Records)
  7. Re E Wind by Digital Mozart on //:SECTION_9 001 (Digital Mozart)
  8. In Your Arms by DJ HEARTSTRING on In Your Arms (Teenage Dreams)
  9. New DnB by Buttechno, Triš on In Your Head (PSY X RECORDS)
  10. ZOOM by Machinedrum, Tinashe (Ninja Tune)
  11. Ultra Heaven by GRRL on Side By Side (Magic City)
  12. Grazuoliu Vasara by Sraunus on Equal Melodies (GREYSCALE)
  13. 4 You (MK Remix) by 4th Measure Men on 4 You (4 To The Floor Records)
  14. Get Down (Dub Mix) by DJ Steaw on Frogman (Hot Haus Recs)
  15. You Got This by Sascha Funke on Turbo 25 (Turbo Recordings)
  16. Heavy Lovers by Y U QT (Y U QT)
  17. Never by Giulia Tess on Serie A (Giulia Tess)
  18. Excuse Me (Hello) by La Goony Chonga on Goonyverso (La Goony Chonga)
  19. NOCHE DE SATEO by Taichu on RAWR (DALE PLAY Records)
  20. Catastral by Meth Math on m♡rtal (In Real Life Music)
  21. PUSSY CARAMELO by Six Sex, La Finesse on AREA 69 (DALE PLAY Records)
  22. Power by DUAL LIONS on The Ashtar Lavanda Mix (Ultramajic)
  23. Tactilia by Ayesha on Rhythm is Memory (Kindergarten Records)
  24. Tuki Love by Pocz, Pacheko on Hard Ass Sessions Compilation (Enchufada)