Ep 307: “The Grand Reveal of Jimmy’s Custom Nudie Suit”

Episode title refers to Thursday's show at the Makeout Room starring Jimmy Touzel, Indianna Hale and Francesco Echo, which promises “the Grand Reveal of Jimmy’s Custom Nudie Suit.”

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  1. We're Lost by Little Oil on Twelve Songs (self released)

    Local Thursday at Riptide Cocktails: Little Oil album listening party

  2. Jacuzzi of Love by UFO Baby on UFO Baby EP (self released)

    Local Thursday at El Rio: UFO Baby/ Armin/ Worm Saloon

  3. Memories by Armin on Armin (Discontinuous Innovations Inc.) Local
  4. I Can't Have It All by Yea-Ming & the Rumours on I Can't Have It All (Dandy Boy Records) Local
  5. New Patches by Jimmy Touzel on Lonesome Lullabies (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Makeout Room: Jimmy Touzel/ Indianna Hale/ Francesco Echo

  6. Bunnies by Indianna Hale on Yesterday's Glitter (Perpetual Doom) Local
  7. Fresh Air Interview by Hook-Ups on Fox and the Hound (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Knockout: Hook-Ups/ Cage World/ Spa/ Hayday

  8. Moon Dog by Hook-Ups on Fox and the Hound (self released) Local
  9. Father Time by Cage World on Printed on the Soul (self released) Local
  10. Call Me When You Get There by Sarah Coolidge on Call Me When You Get There (Hartlin)

    Local Friday at Santo Recording: Sarah Collidge/ Perhapsy album release show/ Bad Tiger

  11. Tuning a String by Perhapsy on The Lost Paintings of Kathar (Friends of the Fountain Records) Local
  12. Second Sight by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Self Released) Local
  13. Pretty by Sucker on Seein' God (Cherub Dream)

    Local Tuesday at thine Stork Club: Sucker/ Galore/ Mr. Butterfield (Portland)/ Shop Regulars (Portland)

  14. New Living by Galore on Blush (Paisley Shirt) Local
  15. Once or Twice by Mr. Butterfield on Wind or Well (self released) Local
  16. Shop-a-thon by Shop Regulars on Merrie Melodies #04 (self released) Local
  17. Room Looks Like Shit by princess520 on princess520 (self released)

    Local Saturday at Mothbelly Gallery: Princess520/ Beafsteek/ Funny Band

  18. BEEGSTIK (WE BAND) by Beafsteek on Beafsteek (self released) Local
  19. Edging in Heaven by Juicebumps on JUMBO (Rocks in Your Head)

    Local Sunday at thee Stork Club: Juicebumps/ Ex-Heir/ Murder Murder/ Casi Casi

  20. Open Wide by Ex-Heir on Gen Excess (self released) Local
  21. A Dream in Winter by Freight Train Lady on feeder - demo (self released)

    Local Saturday at the Lucky Horseshoe, free of charge: Freight Train Lady/ Canyon Songs/ Hail Dirt!