Ep 306: "Growing Underground"

Episode title "Growing Underground" is from the Cuneiform Tabs song "Planted Boy" from the Sloth mate release Cuneiform Tabs (bandcamp).

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  1. Chimes by Desiree Cannon on Radio Heat (The Long Road Society) Local
  2. Contraband by R.E. Seraphin on Fool's Mate (Take a Turn Records)

    Local Saturday at Kilowatt: R.E. Seraphin album release/ Healing Potpourri/ Flowertown

  3. Behind My Mouth by Aluminum on Behind My Mouth (felte) Local
  4. XVIII by Turista on IV (self released) Local
  5. The Moon Is In The Wrong Place by Shannon And The Clams (Stiff) Local
  6. Bandwidth by Mahawam (Molly House)

    Local Saturday at El Rio: Mahawam/ Blu Moon x Lalin St. Juste/ Zero Charisma/ DPNY/ Eartha Kunt

  7. I'm Honest Most of the Time by B. Hamilton on The Freest Speech Ever Attempted without Disintegrating (self released) Local
  8. Day One of the Sunflower by Al Harper on The Analemma Observation League (Take a Turn) Local
  9. Before You're Gone by Randy Thomas & the Insecures on Cities Change Their Names (self released) Local
  10. Pretty by Sucker on Seein' God (Cherub Dream) Local
  11. Planted Boy by Cuneiform Tabs on Cuneiform Tabs (Sloth Mate) Local
  12. Sticky by Lil Flower Nasti on Sticky (self released) Local
  13. Dinner for Two by Lunchbox on Pop and Circumstance (Slumberland) Local
  14. Reni's Car by Kelly Stoltz on La Fleur (Dandy Boy Records) Local
  15. I Believe You by Dani Offline on Mirror (self released)

    Local Tuesday in Oakland: Dani Offline/ Xinxin (Inland Empire)/ Lion Milk (LA)

  16. American Cities by Healers on High Tide (self released) Local
  17. Over by MOP on Secrets (Smoking Room) Local
  18. You're Not Mine Anymore by Jimmy Touzel on Lonesome Lullabies (self released) Local
  19. Streetside Corner Store by Mister Baby on Mister Baby EP (self released) Local
  20. Hey Judas by Little Oil on Twelve Songs (self released) Local