Ep 305: "High Tide"

Episode title "High Tide" is the title of the new tape from Healers (bandcamp), whose release show is Saturday at Unimatrix Zero with Non Plus Temps, Laugh Lines (Chico), and Scam Culture.

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  1. Luv by Bored Lord on Name It! (T4T LUV NRG)

    Local EDIT: Postponed to April: Bored Lord mix tape release party at Cone Shape Top

  2. Wesley's Convertible by April Magazine on Wesley's Convertible Tape for the South (Digital Regress) Local
  3. American Cities by Healers on High Tide (self released)

    Local Saturday at Unimatrix Zero: Healers tape release/ Non Plus Temps/ Laugh Lines (Chico)/ Scam Culture

  4. Heads of State Roll by Non Plus Temps on Dark on Harmon EP (Public Nipples Unlimited) Local
  5. Depression Drawer by Country Risqué on Doe-Eyed Loverboys & Saints (Rocks in Your Head)

    Local Thursday at Rickshaw Stop: Country Risqué album release/ Half Stack/ Katsy Pline/ Juicebumps

  6. Burnt by Half Stack on Sitting Pretty (Royal Oakie) Local
  7. It's Her I See by Katsy Pline on Incandescent Fire (Take A Turn Records) Local
  8. Scatterbrain by Juicebumps on JUMBO (Rocks in Your Head Records) Local
  9. Dinner for Two by Lunchbox on Pop and Circumstance (Slumberland)

    Local Friday at the 4 Star Theatre: Lunchbox/ Neutrals

  10. Pressures of Life by Neutrals on Bus Stop Nights EP (Static Shock) Local
  11. POSSESSION by Buddy Junior on RUST (Cherub Dream)

    Local Thursday at Edinburgh Castle: Buddy Jr./ Cage World/ Careen (Bellingham)/ Pliers (Portland)

  12. Father Time by Cage World on Printed on the Soul (self released) Local
  13. Early Morning Dreams by Anna Hillburg on Tired Girls (Speakeasy Studios SF) Local
  14. Moon Dog by Hook-Ups on Fox and the Hound (self released) Local
  15. Hitherto by Mahawam on Hot Pressed (Molly House/ Walk Cycle) Local
  16. sigue con tu vida by vivian panache on move your body (self released)

    Local Tuesday at the Knockout: Vivian Panache/ Croissant/ VVM/ Bruja

  17. Bowling Alley by Croissant on Croissant (self released) Local
  18. For the Better by VVM on Demo 2023 (self released) Local