BossSSss 49! Bugggin'

yo let's bug out a bit, whaddyasay?


  1. Flight of the Bumble Bee by Roger Williams on Flight of the Bumble Bee (Roger Williams)
  2. Squishy Squishy squish by the Grumps on Single (The Grumps)
  3. Here Comes The Grump by Adam Ant on Fried Or Foe (Epic)
  4. Look for the Sun by Iron Butterfly on Heavy (Atco)
  5. Black Widow Blues by Townes Van Zandt on In the Begining (Townes Van Zandt)
  6. Human Fly by The Cramps on Off The Bone (IRS records)
  7. Worm Ride by Hans Zimmer on Dune 2 (Disney)
  8. Buggin Out by A Tribe Called Quest on The Low End Theory (Jive)
  9. Title Theme by Earthworm Jim on Tallarico (Earthworm Jim)
  10. Bees by Caribou on The Milk of Human Kindness (Caribou)
  11. Grasshopper by JJ Cale on Grasshopper (Mercury)
  12. Lady Bug on my Licorice by ISPIR on ISPIR (ISPIR)
  13. Spider by They Might Be Giants on Apollo 18 (Elektra)
  14. SpiderMan theme by Ugress on Spider Man Theme (Ugress)
  15. Italian Spider-Man by Enzo Bontempi on Italian Spider Man Theme (Enzo Bontempi)
  16. Tarantula by Jody Reynolds on Presenting Jody Reynolds (Demon Records)
  17. It Takes Two to Make Love by The Termites on Do the Rock Steady (Heartbeat)
  18. The Rabbit of Seville by Bugs Bunny on Bugs Bunny on Broadway (Warner Bros)
  19. I Fought The Law by The Crickets on Rockin' Originals: Original Versions of Famous Songs (Universal)
  20. The Taxman by The Beatles on Revolver (Capitol)
  21. The Hornets Nest by Al Hirt on The Horn Meets the Hornet (Al Hirt)
  22. Ants To You, Gods To Who? by André 3000 on New Blue Sun (Epic Records, Sony)
  23. Symphony for a Spider Plant by Mort Garson on Mother Earth's Plantasia (℗ 2019 Emanay Music under exclusive license to Sacred Bones Records)
  24. Centipede by Rebbie Jackson on Centipede (Columbia)
  25. Transmute by Damaged Bug on Cold Hot Plumbs (Castleface)