ShortyRock - Ep #33 - Mostly new, mostly alt-rock but not that whiney emo shit


  1. Girls! by Gen and the Degenerates on Anti Fun Propaganda (Marshall) New
  2. Girls by The Dare on The Sex EP (Self)
  3. Prophet by Rich Aucoin on Synthetic: Season 1 & 2 (We Are Busy Bodies) New
  4. Dancer (Feat. LCD Soundsystem) by IDLES on Dancer (Partisan) New
  5. Too Many Creeps by Bush Tetras on Too Many Creeps (Self)
  6. Cool - Extra by Pylon on Cool / Dub (Self)
  7. Ta yeule, toute va ben by FUUDGE on ...qu'un cauchemar devienne si vrai (Folivora) New
  8. The Score Was Made (feat. Vijay Iyer) by Kassa Overall on ANIMALS (Warp)
  9. Frogs by Letter To Yu on Interior Spring (DEEWEE / Because) Local
  10. Disco by Sextile on 3 (felte)
  11. Eternos by Lenora Post Punk on Eternos EP (Self)
  12. Interior Spring by Topographies on Interior Spring (Dark Entries) New Local
  13. Screw by The Cure on Head on the Door (Elektra)
  14. luv of my life by EKKSTACY on EKKSTACY (UnitedMasters) New
  15. Haunt My Dreams by Spiral Heads on 'til I'm Dead (Trash Casual) New
  16. Eye - Part 1 by Fiendsh on Hayashi Reborn (Cold Busted)
  17. I Get High (feat. Nina Hagen) by iskwe on nina (Littlebit) New
  18. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Brothertiger on This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) (Self/Bandcamp)