ShortyRock - Ep #34 - Angsty and Emotional (Metal, Electronica, and some other shit)


  1. Nothing Left by Brigata Vendetta on This Is How Democracy Dies (Pirate Press) New Local
  2. Hero by Ministry on KE*A*H** (Psalm 69) (Sire)
  3. burning alivce on k st by Ekko Astral on pink balloon (Topshelf) New
  4. Hit the Lights by Metallica on Kill 'Em All (Elektra) Local
  5. SF is Killing Me by M.U.T.T. on Dirty Deeds EP (Quiet Panic) New Local
  6. Pas besoin d'un assassin by FUUDGE on ...qu'un cauchemar devienne si vrai (Folivora) New
  7. Robrash by TR/ST on TR/ST EP (Dais) New
  8. Tear Pusher by YHWH Nailgun on “Tear Pusher” b/w “Castrato Raw (Fullback)" (Self) New
  9. 456 by Rich Aucoin on Synthetic: Season 1 & 2 (We Are Busy Bodies) New
  10. Cantonese by Bolis Pupul on Letter To Yu (DEEWEE / Because) New
  11. Feel The Heat Inside Of Me by PAN on Reborn (Transgressive / PIAS) New
  12. Slip by Jasce on Slip (Self)
  13. Cards on the Table by Nia Archives on Silence Is Loud (HIJINXX / Island) New
  14. Gu Shi by Sam Gendel on SUPERSTORE (Leaving)
  15. Attack of the Dreadlocks (feat Rae Khalil) by Seafood Sam on Standing on Giant Shoulders (drink sum wtr) New
  16. MASSA by Tyler, The Creator on Call Me If You Get Lost (Columbia)
  17. Don't You Give Up On Love (feat Alex Cosmo Blake) by Louis Culture on I Can't Wait To See U Again (Different / PIAS) New
  18. Toyota Nuevo by Pachyman on Switched On (ATO)
  19. Love Prisoner by Lee Fields & The Experssions on It Rains Love (Big Crown)