Fil and Steven of Future Shapes stop by and share how they're secretly really inspired by thrashy noisy grindcore bands. Come meet Hachi and get weird.


  1. Luau by Drive Like Jehu on Yank Crime (Interscope Records)
  2. Break
  3. Low Fruit on the Vine by Geronimo! on Buzz Yr Girlfriend Vol. 4: Why Did You Leave Me? (Exploding In Sound)
  4. Break
  5. Cecilia and The Silhouette Saloon by The Blood Brothers on Burn Piano Island, Burn (Second Nature Recordings)
  6. Skull Lender by Past Lives on Strange Symmetry (Suicide Squeeze)
  7. Retreat! The Most Familiar by Erase Errata on At Crystal Palace (Troubleman Unlimited)
  8. Male Gynecology by Shoplifting on Body Stories
  9. Dressed To Get Blessed by The Chinese Stars on A Rare Sensation (Three One G)
  10. My Mind Is A Muffler by Arab on Radar on Yahweh or the Highway (Three One G)
  11. Break
  12. Drake the Fake by The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower on Love In The Fascist Brothel (Revelation Records)
  13. Damn, I Wish I Was Fat by Ground Unicorn Horn on Ground Unicorn Horn (Three One G)
  14. Anything Jesus Does, I Can Do Better by The Locust on Plague Soundscapes (Anti)
  15. Pissing off in the Rolex of your Dreams by Holy Molar on Live at the San Diego Metropolitan Correction Center (ThreeOneG)
  16. Let's Get On With It! by An Albatross on We Are The Lazer Viking (Ace Fu Records)
  17. Beach by Gay Beast on Second Wave (Skin Graft Records)
  18. We Mulptiply by Aids Wolf on The Lovvers LP (Skin Graft Records)
  19. Assassins by Lightning Bolt on Wonderful Rainbow (Warp)
  20. Break
  21. Let's Not Keep In Touch by Retox on Beneath California (Three One G)
  22. Radical Friends by Head Wound City on Head Wound City (Three One G)
  23. All My Friends Are Going Death by Some Girls on All My Friends Are Going Death (Three One G)
  24. Fiery by Daughters on Hell Songs (Hydra Head Records)
  25. Bleeding Pioneers by Doomsday Student on A Jumper's Handbook (Three One G)
  26. Ear Slugs by Hot Nerds on Hot Nerds (Three One G)
  27. Trash Bed by Guerilla Toss on Gay Disco (NNA Tapes)
  28. Break
  29. The Shame by The Blood Brothers on Burn Piano Island, Burn (Second Nature Recordings)