Casually Crying - Episode 249 - Cults, Rachel Chinouriri, Yea-Ming and The Rumours, Obskuros


  1. Crybaby by Cults (IMPERIAL) New
  2. Break
  3. It Is What It Is by Rachel Chinouriri (Parlophone) New
  4. Shudder by Jelani Aryeh (Ballona) New
  5. Up Again by Kevin Nichols (Self-Released) New
  6. Still Around by Polkadot (Self-Released) New Local
  7. I Can't Have It All by Yea-Ming and the Rumours (Dandy Boy) New Local
  8. Break
  9. The Bug by Crumb (Crumb) New
  10. Like a Wheel - Audiotree Live Version by Spissy on Spissy on Audiotree Live (Audiotree)
  11. sombras de la noche by Obskuros (wolfbone)
  12. One Of The Pack by Softcult (Easy Life) New
  13. Not Animal by Pure Hex (Neon Bloodbath) New Local
  14. Break
  15. I Wanna Be There by Evangeline, Max Shrager (Fourteen One Four) New
  16. I Wanna Be Sedated by Lunar Vacation (Keeld Scales) New
  17. For Real by The Shacks (Big Crown) New
  18. Into the Trees by Still Corners on Creature of an hour (Wrecking Light)
  19. Megabus by French Cassettes (Tender Loving Empire) New Local
  20. Break
  21. Funeral by Tele Novella on Poet's Tooth (Kill Rock Stars)
  22. The Downtown Lights by The Blue Nile on Hats (Confetti)